A 10th Anniversary to remember

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I am so excited to share myself as well as my family with you. My hopes are that you will find lots of useful information as well as a few laughs. Please take a look around and feel free to comment. Subscription isn’t mandatory but welcomed. I will be making a post at least once a week for all to enjoy. Have a great week!

EarlyMarch2014 014A
Over the weekend my husband and I celebrated the anniversary of the day we met 10 years ago. I look back and can’t help but love that there was a snow storm in South Dakota that day. It kept all the airman safely in their dorms. Well, all except my husband, George who spent his morning pulling stranded cars out of the snow drifts. It’s funny how some days stick out in your memory more than others. It is a day I am sure neither of us will forget.
EarlyMarch2014 003AAfter a lot of hush hush I was glad to finally let all the cats out of the bag. The first surprise was that I had made arrangements for all of the kids. The kids were in on the surprise and were happy to spend time with some of their friends as well as 3 of my very generous friends. We headed to The Club for Brunch. Brunch just happens to be my husbands favorite meal, so it worked out perfectly. The meal consisted of a delicious buffet spread with an omelette bar, pancakes, bacon as well as fish, mashed potatoes and assorted cakes.EarlyMarch2014 012A It was a nice treat for us to enjoy a meal without worrying about a mess or how much anyone ate. My husband was so surprised that most of our meal was  spent in silence. I had two very sentimental surprises for him. The first was a frame with  pictures of things that made the day we met special. It was not easy finding a South Dakota quarter. The second surprise was a box of South Dakota goodies made by Home Porch. It included a coaster with the state seal on it, a magnet, postcards as well as some homemade strawberry rhubarb jam. I was happy to indulge his sentimental side.  It was a great time of remembrance and smiles.EarlyMarch2014 019A So after 10 years and 6 kids I think it’ safe toEarlyMarch2014 010A say we are as much in love as we were from the beginning if not more. I love that one day changed my life for the better. I would never have predicted that I would find the one man that truly completes me. I don’t think I will ever be able to thank God enough for bringing my weird, loving, silly husband into my life. I love you George and I look forward to many more years of fun and love.

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