Snow Day

EarlyMarch2014 017

A “snowstorm” came through yesterday, dropping 5-6 inches of snow, and the Federal Government was closed as a result. Today they had an unscheduled leave option, so I took the day off. The children did school this morning, and finished before lunch. After lunch, I took the older five out with me. They played in the snow around the house while I cleared the driveway and part of the sidewalk. Pooh had fun pushing around the dump truck he got for Christmas, occasionally filling and emptying it. Gem and Bubbles ran around, making snow angels in the pristine snow, while Pippi started piling snow, and Duke looked for little piles to kick and stomp. Pippi and I built a small snowman, most of the snow was too dry, so we resorted rolling the ball in the slush followed by the powder, repeating until we had something of note. I used the shovel to improve upon Pippi’s pile, using all the snow on the front lawn and curb, until it was the height of Bubbles and Duke. The kids used the circle sleds to slide down it until dizzy.

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