Mother Teresa book and movie reviews

mother teresa book

So for Lent this year I decided to make reading Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light book by Easter my goal. Not that it is at all hard to find time to read with 6 kiddos around. 😉 My hope was to grow in my Faith and find another great example of a Saint role model.

This was not an easy read at all. There was alot of deepth to pretty much every chapter of this book. There were sometimes when I had to reread some things to make sure I understood them properly. This book specifically is about her letters and the deep longing for God that she lived with. The only thing I could think to compare the longing to would be depression. You want to be happy or be able to handle your emotions properly but can’t. Mother Teresa knew Jesus was there using her but she couldn’t feel him. It was inspiring to hear how she found inspiration in the ones whom she helped to give her strength to keep going with her mission. I have come to call the things I am called to do missions. Yes, it kinda makes me feel important but it also gives me more to live for. Mother Teresa would have been happy if she just saved one soul in the slums. If I only help one person to see God’s love through me than I have done my job. I of course hope that I help more than one person because one is much better than none. I will continue to look back on reading this book and remember Mother Teresa’s strength. Life wasn’t easy for her but she kept following the path Jesus had laid out for her. She really was a generous and strong woman.

Mother Teresa movieI also borrowed the Mother Teresa movie from our local parish. My older 2 girls read a book about her life in hopes of getting to watch the movie with me on Easter. I wasn’t sure as to how the movie and book would compare when I borrowed them. From what I have seen there is another movie about her letters that may be more like the book I read.

So first off I was a tad confused. There was alot of frowning by the actor but from what I had read Mother Terese smiled all the time. Anyways, I  am not sure how accurate some of the scenes are as I had no prior knowledge of Mother Teresa before reading her book.

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