Trip to California

10301436_10201086611487626_3964104632388323703_n I haven’t flown in almost 10 years. I expected things to be as crazy, chaotic and stressful as it had been for me in the past. I had no clue about printable boarding passes and online check in. I arrived about 10334422_837541922940812_2191961223030422170_nan hour or so before my flight in hopes of picking my nephew up a kewl plane souvenir. Getting through security was a piece a cake as I only brought a carry on and personal item. I also left all liquids needing to be in special sizes and/or bags at home. Being that I have six kiddos I tend to stress out and over think the unknown. Every person that I came in contact with @ Duelles airport were friendly and helpful. It amazed me at how stress free it really was. Although, I don’t suggest spending several hours on a plane but only because there’s nothing to really look at outside and well who likes to be cramped into small spaces. This was my first big more than a few hours away on an airplane trip away from my kiddos. I kissed them all with Pooh making sure I didn’t forget him.1392069_10201094934335692_1665235024081469394_n Oddly I only shed a few tears when waiting for the plane to take off. The realization that I was leaving a huge part of me in DC shook me a little. I think I was ok knowing my husband is home with the kiddos and going to my little brother Ben’s wedding has got to be one of the best reasons to leave DC for a couple of days. Yes, I am probably the proudest big sister you’ll meet. My brothers are a huge part of who I am and seeing them happy makes me even happier.

I was picked up from th10294365_10201094928455545_7568321844611804609_ne airport by my brother Kenny and his beautiful, sweet fiance Kassie. Kenny and Kassie flew up a few days before me to help with wedding prep as well as to get some extra time in before the wedding. It was so great seeing my brothers and their fiances plus my nephew James. Most of our time was just sitting around talking and reminiscing about the past. We took the time to go through some pics that were my Dad’s. The girls and I spent a day being pampered with pedicures and massages. It was nice bonding time, I feel blessed with great sisters and wives for my brothers. I also found some time to make fish with my nephew James so that he could pretend to fish like Dad.He is such a fun and happy kid.  10294266_10201086604607454_6807110720269079471_n

The day of the wedding was a busy one. We worked on road signs, shining boots, and flowers for the cake. I will never forget the time I got to spend with my new sisters and being able to help with Ben’s wedding. My pre-wedding job was keeping my nephew clean. It was not easy but I was successful. I sat in the front in order to video the short but sweet ceremony. Becca made a very beautiful bride. My brothers looked so handsome in their dark jeans and nice vest. The ceremony was proceeded by Becca’s uncle and happily so. Being proud and happy I cried the entire wedding. I wish many blessings for them and James. There was a special chair in remembrance of some loved ones that had passed away with candles lit and a very handsome picture of our Dad that I insisted on bringing. I got to meet the local celebrity Travis Miller. We had fun dancing to Rollin preformed by a local band. The night winded down with music and dancing as well as warming up near the fire pit. My last day was spent getting to know Bob, a close friend of my Dad and Ben’s Grandpa. I am really hoping for Bob to be a part of my kids as well as my life.10156170_10201086605247470_6756073128237588365_n The more family the better as I see it. Dinner and laughs at his house was a great end to my trip.10345818_10201086600567353_3577283231401095302_n

My brothers dropped me off at the airport. A bittersweet good bye for me. It’s still so natural to be around the both of them. I will always look back at them as kids and remember the cute little blonde boy who waited for me at the bus stop or the band nerd that could play the drums and Saxophone like nobodies business. They are two of the few people who know me and still love me no matter my faults. It was time for me to leave sunny Cali to cloudy DC. Yes, It was raining when I got back into town. I can’t even begin to describe what it feels like to have so many little people excited to have you home. Don’t get me wrong my husband was very relieved to have me home as well but the kiddos couldn’t wait to tell me about everything I missed. I really enjoyed my trip. Hopefully our next big trip will be to Florida for my brother, Kenny and Kassie’s wedding. 😀


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