Packing for 8

MidMay2014 009I share Duke’s sentiment when it comes to packing. (He had time out under the computer desk for hitting Pooh) There is nothing I hate more about traveling than packing. I look forward to the escape from everyday life but the thought of getting all the stuff together crushes me. The kids are happy to be spoiled for a week or so. By spoiled I mean no chores, we eat out at least once a day, and we do things that are very kid friendly. We like to take a trip at least once a year. The distance isn’t the goal it’s more about finding lots of good stuff in a reasonable amount of driving. As a kid my family rarely ever left home other than when we moved. So as a goal for the kids I want them to be able to say they have been to every state. Yes, all 50 states. We have already visited quite a few. I can just hear the stories they will tell their friends. 😀

Sorry, back to the inevitable packing. There are always certain things that are a must. Each kid has some sort of lovie . They all want to bring their favorite toys aka a bag or purse full of toys. Loads of books/magazines. Snacks/drinks and I haven’t even mentioned clothes. When we pack for a trip I plan out packing the whole 12 passenger van. Yep, we are those ppl. We have bought some car storage to help make thMidMay2014 012e most of it. I have watched 19 Kids and CMidMay2014 011ounting and saw that the Duggars pack totes. No, our family isn’t as big as theirs but maybe its more efficient. I hate having separate bags for each set of kids plus George and I having separate bags. Its just too much to search through when looking for 1 outfit or a misplaced lovie. I like being organized and this could be the answer as far as packing for trips. We will be gone for 6 days and 5 nights. For those math whizzes go ahead and do the math. Done? Yes that is 5 shirts and 5 shorts/pants for everyone. 40 shirts and 40 shorts/pants. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. Wow, those poor Duggar girls. I should start packing soon if I ever plan to finish. 😛 Did I mention I hate packing?
Do any of you have some tips for packing? What has worked for your family? What are your thoughts on packing for 8?


One thought on “Packing for 8

  1. If you will have access to a washer, I would pack light…I also pack minimal…but do pack a few toys for entertainment purposes 🙂 Oh and snacks and drinks 🙂


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