My Patron Saint

EasterSunday 059

When I started my journey I had no idea that my patron saint had been with me the entire time. She had chosen me the first time I stepped into a Catholic Church the weekend of my birthday 2009. In the fall of 2010, I remember being very sponge-like and absorbing all the information I could from RCIA. I was happy to have the kids’ Godmother and a close friend as my sponsor. Having someone so willing to share her wisdom helped me then and she continues to help me from time to time when I need her. 😉 Thanks, Jill.
I searched through every book I could get my hands on. I couldn’t see myself with a heavily popular saint or one closely named to another. One night George and I decided to watch The Passion. I had never seen it before but had an idea of what would happen.  As we were watching the movie I was constantly thinking either how proud Mary must have been or how much her heart must have ached for her son. Already being a mom of four then my heart was right there with her. It must have been hard to say good bye to her son, as well as see him beaten and crucified. Right then I knew. I had this strong feeling of who my patron saint was. Through the tears I knew. Our Lady of Fatima.

That’s right. Our Lady of Fatima. Why you ask? Because the First Catholic Church I attended, our marriage was blessed in, George was confirmed in and the oldest 4 were baptized in was Our Lady of Fatima. It was where our Catholic journey began and I wanted to always remember that.

On a side note, our small Parish closed not long after all of the special moments I mentioned. One of best moments for me at our new parish was when the giant painting of Our Lady of Fatima from our first parish was placed on the wall for all to see. I am still very happy my Patron Saint chose me. Who is your Patron Saint? How did he/she choose you?


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