Delaware: Our trip to the First State Day 3

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Wednesday morning, we headed to 3 Palms Petting Zoo in Clayton About 35 Miles from Wilmington. In the past it was a landscaping company that focused on 3 types of palm trees. We were greeted at the gate by the owner and one of the volunteers. He handed us some bamboo leaves and explained a little about how the zoo worked. While the older five kids enjoyed petting some goats, Joseph was welcomed to the zoo by a llama and a very friendly rooster. Boy, was he surprised. So our walk about the zoo was great. There were all different types of animals. The kids got to pet at least 10 different ones while we were there. The favorites were the hedgehog, goats, and guinea pigs. The zoo is operated solely on donations so we didn’t leave without contributing. It was a great experience. From there we drove to Dover to enjoy a few attractions in the area.

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The first on our list in Dover was the Delaware State Police Museum. Before we entered the museum we saw a helicopter and Sgt Dan a very fun car with a hat. There was a very clear reason as to why I chose this museum. One of course being it’s free. Two being it has Duke’s favorite things: guns, cars, and a helicopter. There were all different varieties of guns. I can’t explain why he loves them but he does. There is also a car that you can actually get in.Pippi, Duke, and Pooh had fun pretending to arrest each other and drive them to jail. Duke was very upset that he couldn’t fly in the helicopter. Maybe one day he will get to fly in a helicopter. The girls mainly took an interest in the 911 station. They could listen to tape of 911 dispatchers contacting officers to the scene. While the kids were entertained I was able to take an interest into one of  Delaware’s most gruesome murders: Lonely Hearts Murders. It is a very sad story of greed. Anyways, the kids had their fill after about an hour. So we decided to drive just a few minutes away to the Delaware Agricultural Museum.Delaware trip 2014 200

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We were happily greeted when we walked into the Delaware Agricultural Museum. We first went outside to visit the many buildings that were on the property. Most of them were moved from other towns in Delaware to make a whole little town in one place. It was fun feeding and petting the fancy chicken Lily and her sister. We strolled around visiting each building or area learning a little about each as we went. At the barbershop I pretended to give Bubbles a hair cut and shave. Pippi and Jem enjoyed pretending to run the local General Store. Duke tried his hand at some Carpentry. We spent so much time outside enjoying everything that we didn’t have much time to see what was inside the museum. Inside the museum the kids tried their hand at some old games and toys. One game being marbles. It was cute to watch my husband try to teach the children how to play. The had lots of vehicles. tractors, trains and planes oh my. Boy, was Duke in heaven. He really is a boy who love all vehicles. Yes, he is very fond of even the garbage truck.

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I wish we had more time but we had already waited as long as we could for lunch. The kids were getting cranky. We stopped at a Pizza Hut near by and headed to our hotel in Milton, De near Rehoboth Beach. This night we had the opportunity to watch City of Ember with the kids. It is an interesting movie and when I found out there are books I got more excited. I hope to be able to purchase and share them with the girls. They should be a fun read. It was another great day.


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