Delaware: A trip to the first state Day 4

Delaware trip 2014 277Delaware trip 2014 325

It was a cold and wet day but we weren’t going to let the weather keeping us from enjoying the day. We stopped off at the breakfast room at the hotel to enjoy some muffins and cereal before venturing out for the day.
The first part of our day was spent in Lewes. The first town in the first state. We stopped to see the Overfalls Lightship. The Lightship was used “in lieu”(in Lewes lol) of a lighthouse. The kids had fun looking around the ship seeing where the sailors ate,slept and worked. There was plenty to look at and then were even allowed to touch some things. It was neat to think about the past of the ship and how it helped ships find their way. Duke just likes boats/ships of all types. He would have been happier to take her out for a short voyage.

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After a very interesting tour of the ship we decided to see what else was open. We found the Cannonball house which is a historical site in Lewes.Yes, it has a cannonball lodged in the outside wall of the house. It is also the Maritime Museum in Lewes. It has all sorts of paintings and parts of ships. To be honest the kids enjoyed this for maybe 10 mins and were done. It was not a bad museum. It’s just that we have 4 that can’t read and they couldn’t really touch anything. There was alot for adults to take in but it’s really hard to take in while chasing a little one around.

Delaware trip 2014 285Delaware trip 2014 286   Delaware trip 2014 290

After the Cannonball House we took a short walk to a local toy store. It was a lot fun looking at the variety of games and toys on the shelves. The 2 favorite finds were a book about Grumpy cat and a musical rat for Baby Kermit.We went back to Rehoboth Beach for lunch.We ate at Grotto Pizza. It was ok but the kids were sad that rumors of arcade games weren’t true. So after lunch we found an arcade on the boardwalk. Dad bought the kids loads of tokens to enjoy a couple hours of fun. Pooh and Baby Kermit were content to watch. The older 4 piled up their tickets as they collected them. We also were the on the receiving end of a lot of generous ticket donations. We accumulated several thousands of tickets enough for each kid to get something fun to play with and enjoy for however long that happened to be. Delaware trip 2014 300Delaware trip 2014 302Delaware trip 2014 309Delaware trip 2014 301Delaware trip 2014 311Delaware trip 2014 310

Then we took a drive out to Cape Henlopen State Park . Along the way we stopped at an Observation Tower that George took the kids to explore. It has a 360 degrees view of the area. Then we drove around some more. We saw some deer as it was perfect weather for them. I think the strangest thing we saw was something we thought was extinct. A pay phone. Yes, this place still had a pay phone in place. Pretty sure it wasn’t in working order but still odd to see. After driving around a bit we decided to go for ice cream before heading back to our hotel.
Delaware trip 2014 323Delaware trip 2014 312

Delaware trip 2014 324

Delaware trip 2014 313

The ice cream at Hopkins Farm Creamery was delicious. It was fun knowing the cows they milked to make the ice cream were just on the other side of the building. I can’t remember what flavors anybody but Jem had. She had Chocolate Chip Cookie dough. Apparently not enough according to the look on her face. The kids all enjoyed but complained about being cold afterwards.

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For dinner that night we made chicken quesadillas and yellow rice in the room. It was an easy meal to make and the kids were happy to stay in the room and chill for the rest of the night. What kid would say no to lots of cartoons.

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