Delaware: A Trip to the First State Day 5

Delaware trip 2014 419Friday was another day the weather decided not to cooperate. The kids didn’t care all they knew was that they were promised time to play at the beach and they were going to get it. As our last day at Rehoboth Beach we decided to check out the Rehoboth Beach Museum.

The Rehoboth Beach Historical Society and Museum  was a great place to learn a little history about Rehoboth. Who knew water could be so destructive. There is also a room full or bikes and toys to look at. No touching of course. It happened to be a day when there were some volunteers in helping. The kids were able to talk to the volunteers and ask questions. The kids would never say no to someone listening to whatever random thing they want to talk about. It is a small museum but it was a great experience.

After the museum we decided to drive to a nice beach area. It was on the other side of Cape Henlopen. The weather still wasn’t the best but the sun showed itself here and there. The kiddos had fun digging in the sand and searching for shells. Although the kind of shells they wanted wouldn’t be found on the beach easily anymore. There was a section of the sand that was alot of crushed up shells. I decided we should not make this a fruitless venture. So we built a sand sculpture of a mermaid. The girls were the biggest help. Duke tried to help where he could and Pooh tried to destroy it. I think it turned out pretty good. After we finished our mermaid we walked along the beach a little before heading back to the car.

We ate lunch at a local diner and headed back to the beach. We first too a walk around Ft. Miles. We didn’t catch a tour but the kids had fun running through the empty buildings and seeing what was left of the many guns on the base. None of them in working order but still very kewl. The kids were happy to be out of the car or hotel room and able to run around. Then we headed to another beach to play before heading out of town to our next stop. The kids really do love the beach. They couldn’t get enough of it and didn’t want to leave when it was time to go. One more day of fun and then we had to head home.

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