Delaware: A trip to the First State Day 6

Delaware trip 2014 439Delaware day 6 actually 1 day in MD
We ended our trip by spending our last day in southern Maryland. That morning we headed to Furnace Town Living Heritage Museum  in Snowhill, Maryland only about 24 minutes from Salisbury, Maryland.It’s a town built around an iron furnance. It was neat to see how it grew into a community. There are several buildings to explore around the town. One of our favorites was the church. Duke stood in the front and said “Let’s sing Glory to God.” I think he meant the Gloria but it cute that he would even think of that. The Church there is actually a Methodist Church that played an important role in the lives of the people that lived in the town. Another kewl thing were the sculptures made from metal and whatever else someone could get their hands on. I like the cat one. On certain days you can meet some of the artisans that reenact how things would have been done in the town. We were able to talk to the gardener. He showed us his garden and all the fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It was neat to see the variety of plants that were growing. We talked a little with the farmer before stopping in the gift shop. The kids were a ittle scared when we walked in the gift shop because a skink followed us in. The lady working in the gift shop shooed him out. Among our purchases was a coloring book a story about A Skink Named Scamp. I thought it would be a great way for the kids to remember our visit to Furnace Town.

After our morning at Furnace Town we headed to Ocean city, Maryland. We ate lunch at a restaurant on the boardwalk before heading down to the beach.The water was still frigid cold but that didn’t stop the kids and George from getting their feet wet.Then it was time to bury dad in the sand. We buried George all the way up to his head. It was fun until Pooh decided it would be funny to throw sand in Daddy’s ears. We enjoyed a little more time in the sand before going to explore the boardwalk. We bought some seashells per Pippi’s request and some salt water taffy before stumbling upon Ripley’s Believe It Or Not (. We have been to at least 1 or 2 other Rilpley’s Believe it or not attractions before. This one wasn’t much different then the others but just as good entertaining. We also had a chance to explore the mirror maze. The kids had fun leading us through.

Finishing our last ice cream treat it was time to head home. The drive home was very bittersweet for 2 reasons. 1 is going home after vacations means it ends and there is laundry and other stuff to put away. 2 coming home to DC isn’t exactly home for us. We are here temporarily and the only home the kids have known has been Oklahoma. We all really enjoyed our trip. I wonder where our next adventure will take us.

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