Vacation Bible School July 2014

This years theme was Weird Animals- Where Gods Love Is One Of A Kind.The kids and my favorite summer activity. I started the week out on Sunday helping decorate our main scene for the week. It took several hours but turned out great. During the week I volunteered to help in the snack area. Yes, its one of the favorite areas. We had a little over one hundred kids to prepare snacks for and boy was it fun. The men and women I worked with were great people. The top three snacks had to be the people paws, Masterpiece munchie cookies, and fright bites. The people paws were plastic/rubber gloves with fruit snacks in the fingers and popcorn filling the rest. We used gluten free popcorn and fruit snacks so almost all of the allergy kids were free to eat.The kids did everything they could to get the fruit snacks. The Masterpiece munchie cookies were plain sugar cookies were layered with frosting and then decorated with candy of all sorts. I loved coming up with different funny faces. The kids said the licorice was hard but the rest was good. The fright bites were a simple jello cup with whip cream and a cherry. What kid doesn’t like jello. For the allergy kids we just didn’t include whip cream. I really enjoyed helping with snacks this year. But I think my favorite thing about VBS is always the kids singing. I would have to say this year had some pretty great music. Duke keeps asking to listen to the CD. A big thanks to my husband for keeping the 2 little ones so I could enjoy this great volunteer experience.
Only a week or so left of summer before school starts back for us. A few more details to iron out. I am really excited to start a new year of school with a fresh perspective. When are you starting school? Are you ready for it?


One thought on “Vacation Bible School July 2014

  1. Great post! We are going to roll into the new school year, we didn’t take a summer break, but a first trimester pregnancy break in the winter…..


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