Our First Week of School

This week has been great. We started with our fun spirit week. Pajama Monday, Super Hero Tuesday, Wacky Hair Wednesday, Twin Thursday, and Mix & Match Friday. I decided that we should have 2 spirit weeks instead of one. I really wanted them to be excited to start school as well as end. We started out with a schedule I had come up with. Pledge, Prayer, and word ladders as a group. This year I printed a very kewl looking copy of the words to the pledge so that the kids could read and see what we are saying. I also printed out a homeschool prayer I really liked. It is one similar to the one we have used a lot over the past couple of years. The kids like to pick their own most days but Monday I like to say that prayer. Word Ladders? Yeah, I just found out about them myself. The are a very interesting way to make kids work their brains. They are given a word and work their way up the ladder change one or two letters at a time to reach the top. The first day they didn’t quite understand how it worked but later as the week went on they got a lot better. After Word Ladders , Bubbles and Duke took turns playing games on the IPad while the older 2 girls and I planned our week of school. We looked through each book and set a goal for that week. We started school with four less subjects so it didn’t take very long to write everything down. Once the girls had their goals it was time for me to start a normal morning of school with Bubbles and Duke. It’s been really nice to have the time to sit and teach them. Pooh and Baby Kermit don’t always make it easy for us but the older 2 girls help to keep them entertained. We have also been doing a pretty good job of finishing most of our school work for the day before lunch. We take a break for lunch and a chat with Dad. It’s nice having him come home for lunch most days. After lunch is Jesus time, Jesus time is when we take 10 mins of our day to pray, read, write, or whatever the kids want to do. It’s just special time with Jesus. It is also a chance to calm the kids down before finishing school for the day or deciding on what we will do with the rest of the afternoon. Starting at 8am has given us extra time to enjoy being outside more and enjoy some of the other activities that are offered on base. On Friday, we were able to enjoy the base pool. The kids had a blast. I was overwhelmed at the thought of taking all the kids alone. Thankfully some friends were there if I needed any help. The kids were really well behaved and we had a great time. During the week we only had a few rules broken but overall the kids did great. I really am hopeful that we can keep up the pace and continue to have a great year. Have you started your school year? How Did you make your first day or week special?


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