Bubbles Patches

So late last year I started to notice that Bubbles right eye was focusing on her nose instead of what I was showing her. Because she is a joker I thought she was doing it to be silly and would say It’s going to stick that way. After a few weeks her eye would turn in without her trying and I knew it was something that needed to be checked out. My husband took her to a very long doctors appointment in VA to find out what was causing her eye to act that way. The doctor said she had a very lazy eye. Which means the muscles in her eye are very weak.Before turing to surgery, They prescribed her glasses and said they would see her again in 3 months. She adjusted well to her new glasses. They are bifocals to help strengthen the muscles in her eye. She wanted yellow or red both being her favorite colors but I told her the pink would be better. Pink is such a good color on her. After 3 months she went back and they decided that she needed to start patching for 2 hrs each day. They also prescribed some medicine again to help strengthen the muscles. Her wearing glasses was not only a big adjustment for Bubbles but for our family too. Again doesn’t she look so cute in her glasses. Anyways, Patching has had it’s ups and downs. In the beginning she only wanted to wear the patch at home and so no one would see. I understood and let her choose when she would wear it. A few times she has been brave and worn her patch in public. One of the comments she hates the most is that she is a pirate. There are designs on her patches but not a skull and cross bones. She doesn’t walk around saying ARGGGGGHHHHH. She thinks it’s an insult and not funny. The other day she decided to wear her patch in public even after I explained to her what that meant. She didn’t get called a pirate this time but questions of what happened to her eye. Her response was it’s a secret. But after a guess of she hit herself, etc. I chimed in to explain that she has a lazy eye and the patch is to help strengthen the muscle. She is not embarrassed at all by wearing the patch or her glasses she just wants people to understand her situation a little better. She is so brave and has taken it all in stride. There were talks in the past about surgery but for us that is always the last result. As a friend said God blessed her with her eye and maybe she is meant to speak up for other kids or comfort them in telling them it’s ok. She has another appt in Oct and I am hoping for even the littlest amount of positive change. Although I am realistic in knowing that God is the one in charge and if her eye is meant to be healed it will. With or without being healed Bubbles is brave enough to overcome whatever life hands her.


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