At first you don’t succeed…………………

Yell, send them to their rooms, and I want to hide in the closet. At least that’s how it plays out for us some days. I have worked so hard to put one thing together only to watch it fail miserablly at the hands of my children. It makes me feel more like I failed them than I am a failure. I have had to deal with a few of these realizations recently. I guess on the plus side I like change so I have no problem trying something new. The hard part is getting my husband on board. I have to do my research and be ready to make a quick change. Here are a few things I am currently working on changing.

Last month we started school with the older 2 girls doing school for the most part on their own. They did really well with getting all their school work done by Friday morning but over the past couple of weeks they have had to do school work long after dinner. This is a problem because on Fridays I am suppose to be checking over their work while they help Bubbles and Duke with school. So not only am I doing all of school with Bubbles and Duke on Friday, I am also having to check the girls school work during times I could be doing something else. After about 3 weeks of this I have made a decision. We will all do school together. That means we will all sit in the same room and do English together. Then we will all move onto Math together. I wonder how long it will take the older 2 girls to beg to go back to doing it on their own.

This week we took the time to move all of the kids dresser out of their rooms. Yep, it sounds crazy but I have hope. The initial problems were the kids not even attempting to put their clothes in the drawers, the drawers hanging open, and finding someone else’s clothes in another persons dresser. Laundry really is my least favorite chore. I stopped folding the clothes but it just lead to the kids throwing clothes on the floor and ultimately clean clothes being rewashed. So how will moving the dressers help? Well, I will have a better quick view of the closed drawers and for the time being they will wear what I tell them to. I can only hope at some point that they decide to stop with the bad habits and treat a dresser as it should be treated, for putting clean clothes into.

Another thing we have been struggling with is chores. The kids seem to have just plain become lazy. I have to tell them multiple times to do their chores. It doesn’t seem to bother them much to miss out on things because they refuse to do their chores. They normally have the same 2 chore for 1 week. And if they decide they want to be lazy on the chore they will have it for another week. We have decided they will do a 2 different chores each day. Whatever 2 chores they do on Monday they will not do again until next week.
What does all of this mean for me. MORE WORK. Yes, that’s exactly what it means. I guess it balances it’self out because more work for me equals less fun time for them. Have you had to change something you thought was working? Or making some changes so that you can save some of your very precious sanity? Did you find something that worked?

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