Knitting in the Fall of 2014

I finally did it. I finally started knitting again. I don’t know what it is but sometimes I just am not in the mood to knit. This lasted for months. It isn’t exactly a bad thing but it does feel wrong. I have knitted a lot over the past couple of years from hats to blankets. My favorite thing to knit will always be baby blankets. Just knowing some sweet baby will be snuggling with it is enough. These blankets are full of love from me, probably a kiddo or two and yes my cat. Sometimes I think I should make her one but what would a cat do with a blanket. Anyways, we found out recently that my Brother and Sister-in-law are expecting twins. And even better is they are having one of each. So now I have the motivation to knit some blankets as well as hats. I have decided to knit 2 blankets that are pretty much the same and focus the really fun part on the hats. The blankets I am knitting using a loom. This is my first time using it as I am very found of my collection of knitting needles. I cannot believe how much faster I am getting done. It would normally take me at least a month to finish one but I am almost done with the first one in little over a week. Ideas of what else I can knit with these looms have started coming to me. It has been a while but I have knitted shawls, I wonder if I could use a loom to knit one? Anyways, the hats I want to make really fun. I have gone back and forth on my Brother’s favorite college football team colors or pro football team colors or based on disney characters. One thing I know I want is for it to look like hair is coming from the hat. You know like spikes, a braid, pigtails something. I am still but a mediocre knitter but I always seem to have big dreams. I forgot to mention something huge. Because I am self-taught and love the look of home made I don’t use patterns. I like to wing it. Do we have any knitters or crocheters out there? What project(s) are you working on? Are you self-taught? Do you use patterns and just do your own thing?


4 thoughts on “Knitting in the Fall of 2014

  1. I once taught myself to knit, but I did not have the patience to keep at it. Sophia loves to crochet, not sure what project she is working on though. One thing I have always wanted to do is knit a bunch of granny squares, and make big 8-bit character blankets. I think it is becoming popular now, though, called pixel crochet or pixel knitting. I would also love a Megaman hat, such as the one found on this etsy page:


    1. I can totally see you making an 8bit character blanket. Would it be Megaman as well? The hat looks pretty kewl. I am nowhere near skilled enough to make it. Maybe you should talk Sophia into crocheting one for you.


    1. I have also heard crocheting is easier. But if you use a knitting loom, knitting can be easy too. I find videos to be the most helpful in learning to knit or use a loom. I bet there are lots of crochet videos too. Whichever you choose I look forward to hearing about it.


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