What to do with toddlers and babies during homeschool?

That is a really good question. How do we get anything done? we do our best to make the boys take a nap in the morning so that we can get as much school done without interruptions as we can. If that doesn’t work we have a few other ways to entertain them. I have found this really cute app called Lazoo Squiggle that Pooh loves. I let him play it from time to time. That is until he starts pushing too many buttons on the I-pad. Another thing I keep handy are sensory boxes. This can be made a lot of different ways. The way we have made ours in past had been with rice and beans. Just add small cups and measuring spoons and you are set. The one we have now is full of miscellaneous stuff like, big wooden beads, and pom-poms. It sounds strange right but kids love it. They will spend hours playing with this box. The key is to only let them play with it during school so it’s a special time. I will say some people think play dough is fine just remember you will see many different colors than usual when you change the next diaper. We will be trying play foam as an alternative. Another thing I have done a lot of looking into has been Busy Boxes as I like to call them. It’s a box with different little toys and projects for the kids to do. Like a small puzzle, crayons, and some paper. These can be a special set of things like dinosaurs, cars, or even ponies. I don’t normally say TV but for some reason my boys really love shows that are meant for babies or toddlers. Baby TV or Baby Genius seem to be their favorites. They like the music, colors, and animals. Another option would be outside time/playtime in the toy room. Sometimes I will ask the older ones to take the younger ones. While they are entertained I can help some and then they switch so that I can help the others. Last but not least is my favorite option: Nap time! We try to keep them up until at least 9am. Then they are free to take a 2 hr nap before lunch. It is the best option for us because it means less messes and less interruptions. We can get in a good 2 hours of work. It also means we are done by lunchtime. I cannot at all promise any of this will work but if you’re like me you will try just about anything. I just want them to be entertained so that we can get as much school accomplished for the day as possible. What are your go to ways to entertain babies and toddlers during school?


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