Halloween: How we celebrate


We as a family love Halloween. We don’t care about all the preconceived notions about the holiday. Our children love love love to dress up. They play dress up all the time. This is one of the only chances for them to to show off whatever cleaver costume they have constructed. Here are a few examples: Bob the builder, baker, singer, and princess to name a few. They love Halloween so much they started planning in July. (yes, seriously) Pippi and Jem are planning to be fairy princesses. Bubbles wants to be a Ladybug princess. Duke can’t decide between a knight, pirate, or a dragon. For Pooh and Baby Kermit we haven’t really decided. We have several different costumes that will fit them. Here’s what we have to choose from: bee, pumpkin, pirate, and Yoda. I have not been able to convince the kids to do a family theme yet, maybe next year. The closet we get to scary was before we became a part of the Catholic Faith and the girls took turns being a witch. I think I enjoy coming up with my own costume more than the kids. This year I have decided on Mombie. My mom version of a zombie. Here’s how I picture it: dingy probably pj’s or something close to pj’s, a fuzzy blue robe, flip flops, and very very messy unkept hair. I would appreciate any suggestions to help make my costume more memorable. Oh and if you are wondering my husband, George is not a big fan of dressing up in a costume. Some years I have been able to talk him into it. They are very few and far between. Most years he is a Dad nothing more nothing less.

My kids also love the candy. To me that’s an obvious one. My kids don’t just see it as ppl giving them candy. The candy is normally sent to work with Dad after a week or two. They like to meet new ppl. They are always ready to make new friends. I think they would be ok if no candy was involved.
Last year, we went to the Chapel for more of a fall festival. The kids had a blast. Jem is very sensitive and she really enjoyed all the Christian type activities.In years past we went trick or treating on base and then headed to the Youth Center for whatever activities they have there. No real complaints about the Youth Center activities other than the large amount of people shoved into small spaces. Anyways, The kids have even asked if we could skip the trick or treating and just go to the fall festival. I couldn’t be prouder. Christian oriented games, stories, and costumes. I would take that over the scary any day. That way I don’t have to worry about anyone having nightmares.


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