Progress Report

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I figured I would take some time to share the kids progress with school this year. We have completed 68 Days only 112 Days to go. We have had a lot of bumps along the way but that did not stop us. Thankfully when the weather cools down we are less busy and have more time to focus on school. I just thought I would take the time to note improvements the kids are making. I’m so proud of them.

Duke : He is so close to mastering all letters and their sounds. I am hoping to have him reading simple books by Christmas. He is counting to ten but still has a hard time with number recognition. Hopefully it will click soon so that we can move on to counting to 20. He really enjoyed learning about pirates and monster trucks. I would have to say his cutting skills are improving. He is getting really good at writing his name only forgetting a letter here and there.

Bubbles: She has started reading big chapter books and continues to learn new words all the time. She recently learned to add with 3 numbers and is struggling with word problems. She is excelling at learning to play the Xylophone with 2 songs already mastered. At Tae Kwon Do, I think she shines the most. She is the only one of the girls thus far to break a board on her first try.

Jem: She has already read 9 books this year and done book reports on each one. She is excelling in Math and she is no longer afraid of multiplication. She may not enjoy writing a report but she is really good at it. It won’t be long before she is writing everything in cursive, she is doing so well with it. Her spelling is improving and she enjoys doing Vocabulary alot more.She has been a great help with little ones. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Pippi: She has made great improvements. In Math she will soon finish 3rd grade and be ready to start a more complex set of 4th grade Math lessons. Her handwriting and spelling still need a lot of work but it’s nothing time and practice won’t fix. She is enjoying writing reports because she always has something to share at RE. She is working her hardest to master the recorder. I have no doubt with the ambition she has that she will be playing lots of songs without help before we know it.

Pooh: He is learning to say new words everyday. Funny to hear him say words like beard. We have some work to do on the tantrums but we will get there. I am hoping since we will be home more he can start potty training. He loves being included in our school day. He insists on sitting at the table with us.

Baby Kermit: He is practically running around which makes it alot harder to get anything done unless he is sleeping. He loves music. Whether we are at Church or at home if he hears music he wants to sing. He also really likes to cuddle now. Maybe he learned that from Pooh.


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