Happy changes, did you miss us?

Hi there everyone,
It’s me, Kim. I am happy to be back after taking some time to enjoy my family, organize, and get over the flu. As a new blogger I have decided that I will change things up a little. I will no longer have a kids craft section but I will continue to share what crafts or hobbies I am working on and what I want to try next. You are all welcome to follow me on Pinterest at Crafteekim. I have also changed a few things about the look of the page. The bright fun colors are totally me. I have also added new pics of hubby and the kiddos as they are always growing. I will continue to tell you about some of the field trips we go on. I want to delve more into the Catholic side of things and show you all that it really is a bigger piece of the pie than you see. I also want to continue to give great tips about homeschooling and everyday mom stuff like organizing, cooking, and cleaning. Please feel free to email me any suggestions at (adventureswithsix@gmail.com). My goals stay the same. To share as much great homeschooling info as I can, share the fun things my family does, share my talents, and my Catholic Faith. I am really hopeful,refreshed,and excited to continue blogging. Have a Happy Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Happy changes, did you miss us?

    1. Sorry about yesterday. I was on the Internet for a couple hours and it started to mess up. Those were drafts I was writing. Hopefully I will finish both drafts at some point and be able to post them soon.


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