Pippi, the first born

So what’s so special about Pippi other than she is the oldest. Lots. She has boat loads of ambition. She really is a little entrepreneur. She has always talked about making money the truly honest way. Hard work. She frequently comes up with a product to sell. Lately it has involved the use of Legos. She designs it, figures out where to sell it and comes up with a plan. Most of the time she sells her products to people we go to church with or friends and neighbors. She uses the money for something to share with her sibling or donates some to our church. This kid really could have her own store. I’m not sure where all her great ambition comes from but I pray when she is older she will continue to us it for good. I have thought about having an online store and know very well she would be the driving force. Something to look forward to in the future.

She has expressed the desire to become a Nun. She is very curious about the religious life for a woman. Yes, her ambition makes her annoyed that she can’t become a priest but she understands why. In her learning process she has become an Alter Server. She seems to enjoy it. I feel it is the closet she can get right now to understanding a religious life. Yes, it is early for her to decern but some of our great saints knew at an early age. Pippi has some behavior to work out but I have faith that if she is meant to become a Nun she will. I can picture her as a bossy Mother Superior. How proud I would be.

Pippi also inherited my love for photography. A couple of years ago we gave her our old camera. She has had a blast taking pictures and videos of her brothers and sisters, friends, field trips, and trying new ways to use it. Before Christmas this year her sister decided to crack the screen. Instead of moving on she begged us for a new camera. That’s how I knew it went beyond I just like to take pictures. Check below for pictures taken by Pippi herself.


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