Sewing Maybe?


The girls asked for a sewing machine for Christmas. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this at first. Then I pondered over the thought of longer skirts and a useful hobby. The girls just wanted to learn the basics but I couldn’t let things stop there. A friend of mine gave us a sewing machine that needed a small tune up. It works perfectly. Then we went on a spending spree at Joanns to buy, fabric, buttons, patterns and anything and everything we would need to make our first skirts. It seriously had to have been the most money I have ever spent in one place. But being that it was a craft store that does seem to be where I would rather spend my husbands hard earned dollars. Did I forget to mention that my skills go back to making an apron in middle school and another in High school. Yep, not so great at cutting a straight line or following patterns. I like coming up with my own thing and the little imperfections just mean its homemade. Our first project was a simple purse for Mom. The girls were happy to take turns using the machine and putting in pins. We have made a few others things as well. The girls were happy to take their turns sewing something simple. Future projects for us include: skirts, purses, dresses, and I think we might even start a few special wedding present projects. You can also check me out on Pinterest Crafteekim for some fun sewing projects to try.

One thought on “Sewing Maybe?

  1. I definitely think there is a market in this area (conservative Arlington Diocese) for long skirts. I wish we were not moving so Sophia could learn with you guys 🙂


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