Beading, a new craft

IMG_0863 I am always up for trying a new craft. Beading. Making earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. When a friend gave me all the goodies needed to get started I knew it was going to be interesting. I looked through everything when I got it but didn’t have time to start anything. So when my friend Katherine asked me what I wanted to do one Friday night I was like we should do some beading. Katherine just seems to do alot of different crafts really well so I knew she would help me making something. I brought all of my beading supplies. There were a few magazines so we looked through those first. Then we looked through the beads to try and pick some that would look nice together. It was fun learning how to make nice patterns and match the beads together. The hardest part so far is the clasp or closure on each side. Well, and those tiny beads are really hard to work with. I don’t think this is a craft I can do long term. It’s defiantly a labor of love and the product is worth the pain. I have made 3 by myself since the first one Katherine helped me make. I have also helped Jem and Pippi each make a necklace for friends. I hope to make a few more necklaces and some cute pairs of earrings. Have any of you tried beading? Do you have any tips to share for a beginner?

**This was suppose to go out last Wednesday. **


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