Adventureswithsix Children’s Concert 2015 and Bubbles Update

This morning I offer you the opportunity to view the kids music concert. The kids practiced very hard to learn their songs. The favorite is the Air Force Song. If you would like to see more videos make sure to comment on the video or this post.  Please check the video out below.

Bubbles has had 2 doctors appointments since my post about her patching in August. We have had our ups and downs with her patching. Some days she doesn’t mind wearing a patch while other days she just doesn’t want to. Her reading skills have improved a lot. Her favorite book series is Junie B Jones. Yes, she is only 6. So back to the point of this post. We have good news. The Doctor says……… She has 20/20 vision and another check up in 6 months. The goal is for no more patches or glasses. I’ m ok with the no patches but the no glasses will take some getting use to. She just looks so cute with them on.  A big thanks to all of you that have prayed for Bubbles eye.

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