Surprise Field Trip to…….. PA

HersheyPark2015 074George came home one day telling me this theme park was having a Military Day. I was very hesitant at first mainly because of the cost and crowds. But then I got to thinking how often can you get $284 tickets for $150? Plus how packed could it really be during off season. I think the other thing that made the desicion easier was that we had just sold a bed and made $150. So we made the final desicion that we would make a trip to Hershey, PA to spend the Day at Hershey Park.

We woke up early that morning. I am not a morning person. I like to lay in bed as long as I can. I didnt sleep that well that night but what can you do. I took some Emergen C hoping it would keep me going through the day. The kids were slow to get ready but we were still able to get on the road at a good time. It was a 2 hour trip to the park with one stop along the way. The kids had no clue where we were going just that we were going somewhere. The kids guesses were a playground. I said bigger than a playground and they guessed the Clemeyjontri playground. I said bigger than that and Jem being the silly girl she is said a tall building. We laughed and I was really amused that they had no clue. They didn’t know we were in Pennslyvania either.

 When we arrived in Hershey I think the kids still couldn’t believe it. Where are we going? The kids were very surprised. Once they rode the first ride their faces lit up even more. We spent the next hour or so watching the kids ride rides. They ran from ride to ride enjoying each one. Well, everyone except Baby Kermit. He was not a happy camper. I wish I could say it was from the early rising but he is an early riser. He just wasn’t into it. They kids seemed to buddy up pretty easily. Pippi and Jem rode the rides that were more their size while Bubbles, Duke, and Pooh rode rides just right for them. Bubbles did a great job looking out for Pooh when Pippi or Jem couldn’t. The kids started getting hungry so we found a food court. We had a quick lunch before heading over to ZooAmerica. My husband and his smart ideas. This way the kids wouldnt get sick riding rides right after eating. I was only agreed because of the educational aspect of it. We learned about Elk shredding their antlers and nesting boxes. We also learned about the park on the Monorail and got alot of good exercise. The kids enjoyed the zoo but were more than ready to get back to the rides. It was fun riding a few rides with the kids. I rode the Skyview with Bubbles and Duke. If I didn’t love them there is no way I would have gotten on it. It was high. That’s all it takes. It was no fun riding with Baby Kermit because well you just couldnt tell if he was having fun or not.  

After the some more rides we decided to have a snack. Pooh and Baby Kermit had a pretzel and smoothie (gross). The other 4 had ice cream. George had soft serve. (It was delicis) I had a fried Reeses cup. It was oh so good. After our snack we went back to the rides. We tried to get in as many rides as we could before leaving. Jem was even adventurous to ride The Claw. A ride you would never catch me on. The oldest 5 all rode the Carousel before leaving. We even got lucky and saw one of the parks characters before starting the walk back to the car. We made a quick stop at Wendys for dinner before the drive home. It was a long trip home seeing as it had started to rain. We finally made it home around 9:30pm. It really was a very long day. The oldest 4 went to bed pretty quickly while Pooh and Baby Kermit played for a little while before falling asleep. They took a few naps during the day and just needed to play themselves out. It was a  really great day. A wonderful day to spend time as a family. 

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