Adventures with Six Graduation 2014-2015

After a few years without even the smallest graduation ceremony, I decided that the oldest 4 deserved a graduation. I’m not talking about aN old stuffy graduation with a long speech and all you do is walk across the stage. I’m talking about showing something they learned this year and spending time with friends. I got some great ideas by looking at what Pinterest has to offer. I found some good ideas for food, diplomas, and my favorite the cap with a tassel. I choose a date that George aka Mr.Principal would be able to attend during his lunchtime. I was happy to be able to invite some of our Homeschool friends to attend our little ceremony. I wanted to make it a big deal so the kids understand that their education really is a big deal to us.

The kids each decided what they would present during the ceremony. Duke chose English, Bubbles chose Science, Jem chose Geography, and Pippi chose Music. They had to prepare in different ways. Jem made a display while Bubbles did more research. They had a week to prepare but I knew they would be ready.

The day of the graduation we decorated and set all the chairs up. I prepared 54 corn dog muffins and popped some popcorn. Everyone brought something to share which made things a lot easier on me. As we waited for Mr.Principal to arrive as well as the rest of our guests we figured out the wind was not going to cooperate. The kids caps flew off and away. One by one they chased after them.

Once everyone arrived it was time to get started. Duke read one of his favorite HOP (Hooked On Phonics) books. He still struggles with b’s and d’s but he did really well. It made him feel very proud to read to everyone. He is very excited to begin Kindergarten in the fall. Bubbles gave a very detailed presentation on the Solar Systems. She made sure to tell everyone how many moons each planet had. She was very matter of fact. Bubbles more than ready to start First Grade in the fall. Jem shared a poster she made about China. She shared some facts about Chinese New Year and other great facts about China. She was a bit nervous, as she is the shyest of the bunch. She would rather be reading a book than telling people about it but she did great. She will happily begin Fourth Grade in the fall. Pippi dazzled everyone with her skills on the recorder. She played Amazing Grace. I think her Music Teacher would be proud. She will cautiously begin start Fifth Grade in the fall.The four of them did a wonderful job.

After each of the kids demonstration of skill we took a few pictures. It’s kinda fun to have those pictures. The kids will look back and laugh. Especially the ones where the wind wasn’t cooperating.It was nice to munch on a lite lunch while catching up with some friends. The kids spent the rest of the day munching and playing. It was a great ceremony and day as a whole. I am very happy to homeschool another year and so very proud of our graduates.

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