Maine trip: Liberty Park,NJ and Kidcity,CT

We started planning our trip late. We usually plan weeks in advance even months sometimes. This trip was very different in that respect. We knew we were going for months but just didn’t find the time or initiative to plan it out. We planned what we could a week before leaving. The only part of the initial plan that stuck for the trip going was Liberty Park. I wanted to go see the Statue of Liberty but in reality we decided it wasnt going to happen. So Liberty Park it was. Liberty Park is a park that views the Statue of Liberty on the New Jersey side. It was a perfect place to stop for lunch. We packed bread, goobers, Nutella, peanut butter and popcorn. While I made sandwiches the kids had a blast playing on the huge playground. It was really hard to keep track of the kids. The kids all happily enjoyed their sandwiches and popcorn before running off to play some more. It was a beautiful view of the city without having to drive through it. We walked closer to the Bay to get a better view of Lady Liberty. It was really neat to see. Here’s where I explain why we didn’t make the trip to the Statue of Liberty. We have a 2 1/2 yr and a 1 1/2 yr old. They don’t like to cooperate at any given moment. It would have been too much for them. Pooh made that very obvious. The walk from the Bay back to the car seemed like way too much for him and he lost it. After some comments from some locals about Pooh protesting we headed back to the car. It wasn’t long before he was fast asleep. If I had one negative thing to say it would be that the bathrooms were gross and there seemed to be alot of trash. Otherwise the kids had a blast running around and getting to view a beautiful USA icon. There is where the trip took a turn for the worst. The wonderfully annoying GPS lead us through part of Manhattan. Yay, for us not. All I wanted to do was get out of the city so we could stop at a bathroom without getting more lost. It took an hour or more off of our trip. Things we had planned to do we had to scratch and find something else. Thankfully we are resourceful. We remember what rest areas have to offer besides food and restrooms. They offer information on attractions in that state and sometimes other states. We found a Children’s Museum not to far away and decided to go there. KidCity Children’s Museum was more than we could have ever hoped to stumble upon. It really is a hidden treasure. Connecticut has no idea how good they have it with just this one Children’s Museum. KidCity in Middletown, CT has become one of our top 5 if not our #1 favorite Children’s Museum. The pictures below do not do it proper justice. This place has a working fish factory. From catch to sorting. The whole fish factory is very elaborate. I think we could have spent hours just doing that. There are lots of other rooms to explore but our other favorite would have to be the medieval village called Middleshire. There is a bread oven, a farm, lots of places for the kids to climb. Theres so much to this amazingly well done section of the museum we didn’t want to leave. If you ever drive through the area you really should stop and let the kiddos play. Tip: parking is around the back. It’s kinda tricky but it’s worth it. The first day of our trip didn’t fully go as planned but as far as the kids were concerned it was a great start to our trip.


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