Maine Trip: The local Maine Wildlife Refuge

One morning George said lets go. I wasn’t sure where we were going but I trust him. So we put all the kids in the car as well as Grandpa and Great Grandpa. The first thing we encountered was what was left of the snow from a few weeks before. My husband insisted on climbing on top of the small mountain of snow for a photo op. I would have to say I think the kids kinda took over.
It was a nice walk that turned into a hike. The kids had a blast looking for birds and hoping to see a moose. The majority of the walk went great. Then it happened, Pooh fell and scraped his face on some freshly cut twigs. Not sure why he always ends up with the coolest scars.

The hike seemed to go on forever and the boys were getting a bit tired. I snapped some pretty great pics if I do say so myself. We didn’t see any Moose but the are not exactly people friendly animals anyways. It was a nice time in the wilderness while it lasted.


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