Maine trip: The Maine Jump and The Wedding

After a not so great night with Baby Kermit deciding he didn’t want to sleep. I mean crying so much that no one else can sleep. We both tried to comfort him before switching beds with Pooh and pushing him into another room. Thankfully it didn’t take long before he fell back to sleep. We had planned to go to Mispah but after a night like that we couldn’t seem to get up early. We decided we would take a trip the local jump place. The Maine Jump isn’t all that different than other jump places. The thing that stands out to me has got to be the staff. They are really friendly and make you want to be there and come back. The kids had fun jumping for an hour or hour an a half. We didn’t stay long as we had a wedding to get to.

The boys were pretty easy as they wore jeans and matching Polo shirts. George wore another shade of green Polo shirt and jeans. For the girls I bought matching lacy fuchsia colored dresses and white leggings. The girls also wore cute hairbands that my friend,Katherine made just for this occasion. I wore a white floral dress that took me months to find and be happy with.  So here is fair warning you will see these outfits again as we have another wedding coming up soon.

We arrived at the venue a little early and had the opportunity to visit with some family. It was nice seeing everyone dressed up. The wedding was held in an elegant local hotel. They day before I joined my Mother-in-law and 2 Sister-in-laws to decorate for the wedding. We spent several hours getting things just right. It really turned out very classy. It was great to spend some time with them. Anyways, We found seats near the middle. That way the kids could see and if we needed to take anyone out. It was a wonderful and short ceremony. George’s sister was a very beautiful bride. We had the opportunity to take some group pics with the different members of the family. Then the DJ started to play music. The first song played was my pick. Everyday by Buddy Holly. I really do love that song. Anways, it was interesting trying to keep the kids entertained while they waited to eat.George’s mom bought sticker books and cars for the kiddos.  The boys drove toys cars around the room with a few of their cousins. While the girls played with their sticker books or talked to relatives. George was able to chat with several people. He knew most of them from his childhood. The kids were really itching to dance hearing music and waiting to eat so they had a blast dancing with each other. Jem even asked Great-Grandpa to dance with her.George and I danced a short time. There was a dance for anniversaries: George and I celebrated our 11th this year. The older 4 ate quite a bit of their food but the yournger two refused. After eating our meal the boys were inconsolable. Thankfully they quikly cut the cake and we were given permission to leave. We weren’t in the car 5 mins and they were out. We spent the next 30 mins to an hour driving by George’s old College and looking for a place to get some soft serve ice cream. The kiddos slept really well that night.


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