Jem is truly outrageous truly truly outrageous whoa Jem

Jem is my name no one else is the same Jem is my name. Yep, No one else is like Jem. Alright so I may have went a little overboard there but it really is hard not to sing the song when I type, write, or say Jem. Our Jem is a very special girl. Now that she is 9 she is growing into a very pretty and smart young lady as my grandmother would have said. Jem is our resident bookworm. I am pretty sure has already read more books than George or I when we were her age. Her favorite types of books are mystery, American girls, horses, fairies, and the occasional comic style. She never has a hard time finding a book because she will read just about anything. She will even pick up her sisters books and start reading them. She has even tried to snag one of mine or George’s books. It makes me proud to have raised a reader.

Jem is my best helper when it comes to the boys. Baby Kermit even went as fas as calling her Mama because she helps help him so much. (Yes, the whole mama thing has been corrected.) The boys prefer her most of the time. She is very gentle and attentive with them. She isnt just great with the boys she is great with all kids. She will grab a baby and hold it any chance she gets. She is also great with other people’s little ones. She is quick to help a toddler get their food or push a little girl on the swing.

Jem loves to volunteer. She is so kind and humble when it comes to helping others. She is an Alter Server like her sister. She takes it very seriously. She also likes to help CLOW (Children’s Liturgy of the Word) when she can. She enjoys any opportunity that she can get to be a Mother’s Helper. I guess it makes sense that St. Therese of Lisieux is her favorite saint. She is a Saint in training.


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