Curriculum 2015-2016

In Dc we are required to teach language arts, math, science, social studies, art, music, health and Physical Education. We do all those and a little more. I like to use a mixture of curriculum. This year is no different. We also try to combine the kids into a group to make teaching time shorter and more productive. I will share by subject and then by kiddo.

First I’d like to talk about our combined subjects. We use Seton for History and Art. This year the kids will be studying The Catholic Faith Comes to the New World. We will be using 2 Art books this year: Art 1 for Young Catholics and Art 3 for Young Catholics. For Physical Education and Music we will be using Easy Peasy. PE/Health Odds and Modern Music. We will also be learning some First Aid using . We will also be trying out Latin for the first time. We will be using Memoria Press’s Prima Latina.

For science we use CHC’s (Catholic Heritage Curriculum) Behold & See series. Pippi & Jem will be using Behold & See 5 and 6. Duke & Bubbles will be using Scott Foresman Grade 1.We also use CHC for Geography. Duke & Bubbles will be studying the continents using Explore a Continent. Pippi & Jem will be studying different countries using Tour a Country.

Pippi & Jem use the same curriculum for English, vocabulary, religion, math, and reading comprehension. For all of these subjects except math we use Seton. Seton is another Catholic curriculum. The girls will be doing English 4, Vocabulary 4, Faith & Life 4(Jem) & 5(Pippi), Reading: Thinking skills. For Math they will be using Teaching Textbooks. Math 4 & 5.

Bubbles will be using Seton Spelling 1 for Young Catholics and Kelly Wingate Grades 1-2 Grammar. Duke will use The best of Teachers Helper Phonics-Level 1, Hooked on Phonics Level 2, and File Folder Games in Color: Word Families. She will be using Seton Mathematics 1 for Young Catholics and Hartcourt Math practice workbook Grade 2 for Math. He will use Mathematics K for Young Catholics and Steck-Vaugh Mastering Math Level B.

We will also be playing a lot of games and taking a few field trips here and there. I am excited to try a few new things and have fun with the kids. Every year feels more prepared and organized, this year is no different. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at , I’m always happy to help. Happy Homeschooling!

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