Back to School Lunch-2015

It’s that time again. I had seen some kewl posts on pinterest about having a Back to School Dinner. I thought about having a special dinner at home but why would I volunteer to cook more food than usual with all the school stuff floating around in my head. So much so the Saturday before I kept thinking school started the next day.
We picked a Sunday afternoon right after Mass to take a trip to a local restaurant. The traffic around here makes eating out for lunch alot easier than dinner. I did some research in trying to find a fun place that the kids would enjoy. I wanted them to be able to choose what they would eat and it really would feel like a treat. OK, so I am sure you are wondering why not just go to Golden Corral or Ryan’s? The last few times we went to a Golden Corral or Ryan’s I had alot of anxiety. I can’t handle the number of people and rudeness. It’s mostly the rudeness and trying to keep track of and feed 6 kids.

So let me get back on track…….So because I my very normal I choose Friendly’s. We have been to Friendly’s a few times. It is one of the few restaurants that I have always enjoyed my meal. The kids get to choose there fun meal and get an ice cream treat. I think they would rather just eat ice cream.

The older four have gotten really good at ordering their own food. Pippi had a hot dog, mini mozzarella sticks and applesauce. Jem had a cheese quesadilla and a hot dog. Bubbles had cheeseburger sliders and Mandarin oranges. Duke had a hot dog and mac & cheese. Pooh and Baby Kermit shared cheeseburger sliders, mini mozzarella sticks and Mandarin oranges. It’s gotten really nice that the kids seem to eat most if not all of their food. We rarely go out to eat much anymore so when we do it’s a treat. I think the older four understand and seem to appreciate it more.

The best part of course was dessert. The kids each choose their favorite. Pippi had a Cone head with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Jem had an Oreo Sundae. Bubbles had a Monster Mash Sundae. Duke had a Chocolate Candy Shop Sundae. And the boys shared a Chocolate Candy Shop Sundae too. George and I shared a Jim Dandy. It’s pretty much a banana split. The kids all enjoyed their ice cream. I don’t think I heard a peep out of them the whole time. I am also pretty sure their was no ice cream left.

It was a nice meal out for all of us. I am glad I decided to do something special to celebrate us starting another school year. During the summer, they will tell you they don’t want to start school or they don’t like school. They really do enjoy homeschooling just don’t see all the benefits yet. It is going to be another good year!

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