Disney World-Epcot, FL

I decided that we should start our Disney adventure off slow. We had a slow start that day as we had to drive 2 1/2- 3 hours to Orlando. We arrived at Epcot around lunch time. The first thing we did was get a quick picture with Pluto before heading to the Electric Umbrella. I choose it because I knew it would be easy to find and American style food. If you remember most of the kids especially toddlers are picky eaters. It offered the basic burger, fries, and chicken nuggets. I think the thing I liked most were that the kids meals included grapes. That’s right fresh,ripe,delicious grapes. After lunch we had to hurried over to our very first use of Fastpass. We were there a little early and to be honest the lines we not bad so we just jumped in the regular line. Our first ride was The Seas with Nemo and Friends. The kids enjoyed Nemo , Pooh most of all. I am a huge fan of the ocean and fish so the aquarium tanks were great. It was a mad house though. Too many kids and places for kids to hide. By time we got back outside it was sweltering hot. Disney was smart about the placement of water fountains. They are all over the place. After drinking as much water as the kids could we headed to Living with the Land. It was another ride where the line went quickly. After Living with the land we grabbed some slushing to cool us down and made our way to Mexico. The two little boys were napping so we wanted to make the most of it. I remember going to Epcot when I was in 5th grade. I don’t remember the countries being of much interest to me. I don’t remember much of my trip to Epcot as a kid. Early morning, rushing around, a Snow White and the 7 dwarves pin, and getting home late. Anyways, back to our trip. We stumbled upon the Tres Caballeros ride. The kids haven’t seen the movie yet but I would have to say the ride was really well done. It was another of my favorites. The kids would agree. We made our way all the way to Italy before deciding to head back. It was really hot and we were starting to get tired. We round the ferry boat back across near Mexico. We headed back towards the rides. We got in line for Journey into Imagination with Figment. Not what I expected but when you get off the ride there is a huge room with different ways to experience music. The kids enjoyed the music and the cool. Then on to Captain EO. Interesting movie. I knew when I saw the sign it would be very 80’s. I did not leave disappointed. At least not by the very 80’s feel. I’m pretty sure this was the point where Duke lost us. We walked out of the theater and he didn’t see us. He started walking back when George grabbed him. I was hoping he learned his lesson about not staying close. Our last ride before heading back to the room was Spaceship Earth. Courtesy of the children I heard it in Dutch and Spanish. I had no clue what was being said. It was nice until they have you going down backwards and stop the ride in the dark. We headed back to our hotel for dinner. The initial plan for dinner was that we would cook but things didn’t quite work out that way. So George grabbed some Chinese takeout. It was a great meal to finish off such a busy day. The kids all went to bed with a word excited for a new adventure the next day.


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