Stories of Basic Training

This feels like forever ago and it’s not my favorite subject but I thought I should share. Just a little backstory. I went to basic training in 2003. I was 18 and at that point had no clue what to do. I have never and still don’t like being told what to do. Yes, that made things a little difficult. I had no real idea what I was in for.

I remember flying out of Nashville, TN to somewhere and our flight getting delayed. When I finally arrived in TX I remember seeing something on TV about Iraq. It made me proud to join to serve our country. Once me and the other trainees joined the group it got interesting. We were all men and women stuck in the airport in some section where the AC seemed to be set at 50 degrees. We try to huddle up before hearing someone told us to get on the bus. I don’t remember the bus being a fun trip either but I never expected things to be honky dorey. Then they sent us into a room with desks. Again more scary quiet. There were no clues as to what would happen next. The next part was awful. Yelling, yelling and more yelling. It didn’t matter what you did they yelled at you. It was horrifying. Sad thing is that wasn’t the worst part.

Meals were awesome. Well, not really. The first week is awful. Its mostly yelling, shoveling food into your month, and more yelling. I don’t remember actually getting to finish a meal until week 5 or 6. I also don’t remember the food tasting any good either. Only exception is beef stew MRE’s. Ask anyone beef stew is the best.

I think I remember most about Basic Training is when I injured myself. Yes, injured myself. One day we were all marching to one place or another. My TI was yelling my face for I dont remember what reason. During the yelling I stepped into a hole and twisted ankle. My TI quickly stopped yelling at me. I remember getting into the clinic quickly. After a visit at the clinic I found out I had injured my Achilles tendon. That meant I had to get heel lifts for my boots, walk instead of march and physical therapy. My TI was alot nicer after that. I don’t remember him yelling at me again.

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of my experiences from Basic Training.


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