Disney World-Magic Kingdom part 2, FL

After the interesting trip through history we headed to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. This was another ride we used FastPass for. The line was a lot long than I imagined even with FastPass. Disney World the place where you go to wait.

Anyways, the ride is actually really fun. You fire the cannon or gun and hit targets. The targets are balloons , cans, etc. The sad part is the ride doesn’t last as long as you would think. Even with the line and shortness of the ride Duke loved it.

Then we made the short walk over to Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. I would have to say even though it’s a show and not really a ride it was one of my favorites. It has two things going for it. It’s indoors and really pretty funny. Everybody could use a laugh from time to time. I think the kids enjoyed it just as much. George isn’t really into cheesy humor but I’m pretty sure I saw him laughing here and there.

We had dinner at Columbia Harbor House.This seafood restaurant has an old tavern look and feel. It reminded me a lot of a restaurant from another of our trips to Old Sturbridge Village. The macaroni and cheese was definitely as good. Jem really enjoyed her chicken pot pit. The wait wasn’t long and they had tables to fit our whole family, all 8 of us. If you like seafood or are into the taste of homemade I recommend it.

So the next ride was one that Bubbles was very hesitant about. Me being the mom I am made sure to check out a video on YouTube of the Haunted Mansion. I knew even before we walked through the gates my kids could handle it. I think it helped that we went while the sun was still out. Yes, it’s dark on the ride but I imagine if its dark outside too it will make it a little spookier. So the reason I think Bubbles needed some convincing is because she’s afraid of the dark. So my kids understand that somethings aren’t really. All of the things included in the ride are lights, animatronics, smoke machines, and cameras. None of it is really a ghost. Plus it’s all kind of funny. Ghosts sitting done to dinner , really is funny if you think about it. Anyways, we survived and Bubbles as well as the rest of them did fine.

After riding a ride and telling Bubbles it’s not real over and over again I was not in the mood for what happened next. We ran out of diapers. I’m not sure why I didn’t think to put more diapers in the bags but we had no extra diapers. Poor George had to run to a baby center close to the front of the park in order to get diapers. While me and the kids were waiting we ran into Georges sister and her family. The kids played and we made jokes about the Hall of Presidents. They went to go eat and as joked we went to the Hall of Presidents after George got back.

The Hall of Presidents was actually pretty interesting. They found a way to make history fun and appealing to kids. So it isn’t a hall really as more of a presentation by animatronics of our past and present presidents. They talked a little about their contributions to our country. Not every president spoke but it was enough to get the point. Our current presidents animatronic even took the oath kind of. I say kind of because an animatronic can’t take the oath and become president. My kids have grown to love History thanks to my husband, Seton, and Rush Revere. They really liked this presentation.

We decided to wonder around until Georges sister and her family were done eating. We looked at the store fronts and people, I guess. We saw a line with a short wait time an decided to see what it was about. We went in to see Country Bear Jamboree. This is a decision I quickly regretted. I guess I didn’t realize how much wholesome Disney was slowly going away but it is. This show had sexual innuendos and made light of drinking. This is not a show that ever was intended for kids. I guy behind me was just as shocked as I was about what was being said/sung. Just please trust me if you feel the same way I do about these things walk right past this show. Country Bear Jamboree is bad.

After that I really wanted to wash the bad out. I found a show called Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room on the map. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The description does not do it justice. It was the most surprising and entertaining show we had experienced.It is the first Audio-Animatronics show at Disney. There are bird animatronics hanging from the ceiling. But not just birds but plants and flowers too. They sing and move. It really is a great family friendly show. No wonder Walt Disney took such pride in it.

The last ride of the day was The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. We split the kids between four adults of course with the youngest ones sitting with an adult. It’s one of those rides that if you don’t like heights you should avoid it for sure. I rode it and was okay until the camel spit in my eye. Yes, that 1 in a million chance of something happening happened to me. It hit that perfect angle that went through my glasses and literally spit in my eye. I honestly thought it was hilarious. How many people can say a camel spit in their eye at Disney World? I can.

We walked back over to Main Street in hopes of getting good seats for the Electric Parade. Even though we thought we got their early the streets were already packed with people waiting for the parade. We shared a snack with the cousins and the kids played. I will go ahead and say this I don’t think it was worth the wait. Don’t get me wrong the kids enjoyed it but for some reason people are so rude at the happiest place on earth. It was more time with the cousins and that’s all that mattered. I really did enjoy the show at Epcot better. So if you have to make a choose I suggest the show at Epcot for sure.

We were very glad to have the time with George’s sister and her family. We had a great time together. After the parade we decided to head back to the hotel. It had been a long day and was still a long walk back to the car. As we were walking back to the car we could see the fireworks show in the behind us. We left before the fireworks because we knew it would be a more crowded exit, the boys were exhausted, and the rest of us were too. We were all ready for a good nights sleep so that we could enjoy our last day at Disney.



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