Baptism Dinner 2015

This year we celebrated our Baptism dinner a couple of weeks later than the last. We were excited about Pope Francis’ visit to the USA. We also wanted to make sure that the grandparents to celebrate with us.

The kids love having Grandma and Grandpa come visit. It made their Baptism dinner even more special. I bet you are surprised when I say the kids requested lasagna again this year. I spent most the the afternoon talking to Mom and making lasagna. The kids spent time with Grandpa and Dad as well as finishing up schoolwork. (I have figured out this being our 6th year of homeschooling that my kids can’t handle long breaks from school.)After I got the lasagna in the oven I started working on our banana split pie desert. This year there was no real meaning in our dessert other than the kids wanted it and it was something even someone with allergies could eat. My sister-in-law made this dish for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago. Everybody loved it. I tend to come up with suggestions of my favorite desserts any chance I get. Oreo truffles, dirt, snickerdoodles, etc.

Anyways, we ate dinner at our usual time. Lasagna and salad with some yummy bread always seems to hit the spot. It’s kind of nice to enjoy the quiet when the kids are eating. Well,that and no one complaining about not liking something. Everyone eats their fill and more.

Grandma brought a special gift for eat of the kiddos. Seeing as how the boys all have fall Birthdays and she’s always finding things for the girls. The kids are always very thankful when Grandma brings them anything. I think they are happier to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa.

Before eating we do our tradition of singing happy birthday to each kiddo. They each get the honor of blowing out their Baptism candle. The banana split pie was delicious. If we hadn’t eaten so much lasagna I’m sure we could have eaten all the dessert too. It was a good meal and a perfect way to celebrate the kids’ Baptism .

I just wanted to add as hard as it is to celebrate the kids’ Baptism without the Godparents they know we are thinking of them everytime. Larry and Jill, we are so blessed to have you as friends as well as our kiddos Godparents.




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