Progress Report 2015

It’s been a while since I have posted any good homeschool info. I honestly didn’t realize it would be so hard to keep up with a blog post a week. This year hasn’t exactly gone as planned but it never seems to. So I would like to take the time to update you on how things have been going.

Pippi. Well, Pippi is not doing as great with Math as I had hoped. We seem to have a problem with her easily getting distracted or just plan cheating. What I mean is with Teaching Textbooks she was spending extra time on the computer planning games instead of doing school. When we switched her to Saxon she found the answer book and just started copying the answers. She was doing alot better with TT but for now I am more closely monitoring her using a book, pencil and paper. She has been doing really well with handwriting and English. English is something we struggled with a couple of years ago. It feels good to feel like they are getting it. She has also started to improve with her Vocabulary. Jem and Pippi finished 5th grade B&S (Behold and See)  Science a couple of weeks ago. We will be starting up with 6th grade science after Christmas break.

Jem. Jem was doing the same thing with Math so we switched her as well. She has been doing really well with Saxon Math. I think she is smarter than she lets on sometimes. She has also done really well with handwriting and English. We should be ready to start 5th grade English before too long. It will be great to have them caught up. She has been a great help when it comes to Bubbles and Duke. Jem will teach the two anything I ask. She is a great teacher.

Bubbles. Bubbles has been doing great in just about everything. The thing I am most impressed with is Grammar. She is picking it up pretty quickly. verbs, adjectives, and nouns are easy for this kid. I think it has something to do with her love of reading. She has decided to take part in Mensa’s Excellence in Reading program. She has already read 10 books on the list for K-3. I have a feeling after we make another trip to the library her number is gonna be closer to 30.

Duke. Duke has been struggling.Not because he isn’t smart. He has decided most days he doesn’t want to do what little school he has. I’m hoping with a break and starting fresh he will start get back in the mood for school. He is doing so well with reading but the mood is holding us back from getting very far. He is already reading beyond what I could have hoped when we first started. We just need a little reviewing and some reading comprehension to tie it all together.

Pooh and Baby Kermit. They are both working on talking alot. Lots of talking and encouraging them to talk. We are also working on potty training. Pooh seems to be taking to it more than Baby Kermit but I have a feeling they will both get there when they are ready. Yes, they are continuing to get into whatever they can. I have excepted that its going to be this way forever.

So I have also decided to take a few minutes and explain what else has been going on. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, which is a hyperactive thyroid. It has taken a while but I have been doing alot better on meds and with lots of understanding and support from my husband, the kiddos, and friends. There is also something going on with my heart rate that may or may not be tied to my thyroid. Again with meds I have been doing alot better. I honestly have to say that the holidays are hard to begin with so adding all the extra stuff doesn’t help but can only make me stronger as well as our family stronger. I spent my days of little energy making Christmas gifts. I made earrings,scarves, masks, capes, and duct tape wallets, just to name a few. I am very happy to say that I only have a few more projects to finish. Prayers are welcome and hope you all have a very blessed day.


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