Most Useful Homeschool supplies

I get pretty excited when it’s time to buy school supplies, even more so when I get to repurchase or refill something I’ve grown to love. Believe it or not, kids are the best product testers. Mine are capable of destroying just about anything. These are some products that have survived the years and have made our schooling better.

  1. Laminator. This is one of those products where you really wonder is it worth it, right? We have had a laminator almost from the beginning and I use it more than you think. I have used it to make my own flashcards, books, and place mats. I can print free resources and laminate as I need or want to. I can have activities from kid 1 to kid 6. I love seeing the things the kids have made over the years that I took the time to laminate.
  2. Printer. We have gone through 2 printers in the past 3 yrs but whose counting? The newest printer (Brother) and I are slowly getting acquainted. I can’t decide if I’m just dumb or it really just hates me. I use my printer so much either could be true. I use it to print worksheets, coloring pages, and activities. I also have a habit of scanning alot. I mean alot. Sometimes whole books. We have also used the scanner to scan miscellaneous old pictures that we have. Not my favorite some days but one of my most used school supplies for sure.
  3. Pencil sharpener. We have been through so many pencil sharpeners its annoying. Yes, I have even bought an old school sharpener. Downside to that, the outside was plastic. I think we have finally found one that will last. Well, at least until someone tries to shove a crayon or paperclip into it. To be honest unless you use nothing but mechanical pencils this is a necessity.
  4. Pencils. We have tried different pencils over the years and none of them last as long as the old favorite. I mean what kid doesn’t want to feel grown up by using a mechanical pencil or a fun character pencil? Save your money. My kids chew on the pencil, eraser, and yes, even the metal piece. The good news they are slowly breaking themselves of this habit and I keep buying cheap pencils. The annoyance of paying for a mechanical pencil only to never reuse it is something I just can’t deal with it.
  5. Computer/laptop/iPad. I think this one is obvious so I won’t waste your time trying to convince you that in order to use the above printer you probably need one of these. Also, how would you get all the awesome free resources if you don’t?

I have also included a list of some things that you may find yourself using on a regular basis. I use most of these things everyday. I suggest stocking up on these when they are on sale. They will come in handy during the cold and rainy months.

Useful things to stock up on:

  1. paper (printer and notebook)
  2. printer ink
  3. erasers
  4. pens
  5. glue/glue sticks
  6. folders
  7. post-it notes
  8. binders
  9. tacks
  10. tape

There it is. You now know the secret of some of the most useful homeschool supplies. Just a little reminder that not everything that works for my family will work for yours. It really is alot of trial and error. I do hope this list will help you make smarter purchases in the future. Have a great week!

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