100 Day activites-2016

You did it! You finally reached 100 days. Now what? How do you celebrate only technically having 80 days of school left? Here are some ways we will be celebrating this year. We use a combination of fun worksheets and activities.The best place to find these is on my pinterest.

The other thing we have done in the past is go with a theme. One year we used only books with 100 in the title. You can check out Scholastics: Teaching With Favorite 100th Day of School Books by Joan Novelli .  We have also celebrated 101 instead using the 101 Dalmatians as a theme. This year I have had a hard time choosing between sweet or savory snacks and treats. The sweet treats seem to have more variety of activities so I have decided to go with that plus who doesn’t like the opportunity to snack.

Here is an example of a lesson plan from a couple of years ago:

100 Day of School
Verbal Discussion Start:
• What was your favorite part of the last 100 school days?
• What was your least favorite part of the last 100 school days?
• What do you look forward to for the remaining 80 days of school?
Secret Message Cryptogram
Heads or Tails? Make a prediction how many times a coin will land heads/tails up, flip the coin 100 times, and record the results.
Tally Marks game: Each takes a turn rolling a die, marking the number rolled on the mat, first to 100 wins. (Maybe alternate between using one die and two dice to speed things up)
Name Patterns: Write name repeatedly until all blocks are filled, color each letter the same (e.g., all F’s red) and describe the pattern.
Writing prompt: What would you do with a $100? (Buy, save, give, or a combination)
Word create: Create as many words from “One hundred days of school”
Reading: Taking turns (every paragraph or so) reading out loud from a book, until at least a 100 words have been read (probably be easier to count the words ahead of time).
Create something (animal, building, etc) using 100 lego blocks. Count them first, swap out pieces if needed but it has be 100 blocks.
Grow yeast

Practice a Christmas song on the recorder 15 min

This year of course we did things differently. I put the kids into two teams. Duke and Bubbles were captains. Team Incredible was Duke, Pooh, and Jem. Team Nerd was Bubbles, Baby Kermit, and Pippi. Teams seem to make things a little easier. The girls don’t need much help but the boys need a lot. I tried to find a variety of activities. You know a little English, math, and science. You can find these worksheets/activities and more on my Pinterest account. The kids favorite part was making our 100 day snack. 10 different yummy snacks put together to make 100.

The March for Life fell on the same day as 100 day. We did not go to the March as George was working weird hours and the impending blizzard coming. The kids were excited to get more snow. The snow we had the Sunday before just wasn’t enough. Anyways, in support of the March for Life some friends as well as us walked around our neighborhoods. Some with signs and some with baby dolls. It was a nice walk before the snow started to fall. Pippi and Jem both understand why we support the March for Life. We also watched some of the March on EWTN. It was well attended even with the threat of the blizzard. It’s hard to believe we will be living somewhere else this time next year but it’s true. Our adventure in the National Capital Region will be ending later this year. Until then we will be doing our best to explore as much as we can. Have an amazing week!

If you would like me to share my thoughts on being Prolife please comment or email me at adventureswisix@gmail.com



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