When I chose Pooh’s blog name It fit him completely. Now he seems to be a mix of Pooh and Tigger, sweet and very bouncy. Some days it feels like he is 3 little guys instead of one.Those days are rough.

About a year ago, Pooh was nowhere near as vocal as he is now. He makes sure everyone knows how he feels. His favorite phrase is “I’m mad at you, Mom.” It is funny every time he says it. He can also do a good job of telling on whomever has wronged him. “Duke hit me” Other very popular phrases are “I did it!” and “I’m a superhero, Mom.” He is also pretty random. He put baby wipe containers on his feet one day and likes to play with scissors. I made him a Mater valentines box and he loved it. His monkey friend (Best friend replacement for the one that we never found) went missing for a week. I think I stressed out more than he did. We ended up finding him in the girls room and he is a much happier little guy.

So as sweet as Pooh can be he can also be a terror. When he gets mad there is no way to console him. You have to let him sort it out or spend an hour trying to figure out whats wrong. He doesn’t like going to Mass most days. One morning he even went as far as taking all his clothes off. I remember the morning I walked into the cry room to trade off with George and Ben was sitting in a diaper only. It took a little coaxing but he slowly wanted to put his clothes back on. This is a normal occurrence if we are at Mass and he doesn’t get his way. We have started going on Saturday nights because he seems to act alot better.

The other thing I would like to tell you is that he loves his brothers. He loves his sisters but he would much rather play with Duke and Baby Kermit. It’s so funny to watch them pack a bag and go into a room and play. Pooh’s favorite place is outside. He loves to run and best of all ride his Mater tricycle. He is always itching to go on an impromptu adventure. Pooh really is a super fun kiddo.

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