Why did I dye my hair purple?

Ever since I dyed my hair purple my senior year of high school I have always wanted to dye it again. My main obstacle after high school was the Air Force. At least as far as dying my hair goes. After that was the fact that my husband really only noticed me because of my red/auburn hair. Well, that and my personality 🙂 So I wanted to dye my hair but wouldn’t for fear that my husband would look at me differently. I also for some reason started to care what other people would think of me. Being an adult is hard. People don’t always except that weird homeschool mom with six kids.
I think after living in DC for almost 3 yrs I started to realize I was missing myself. The person who did my own thing and not because of other people. For example, I’m Catholic because I want to be, not because of anyone else. I trust that being Catholic was the path I was lead on. I like playing board games because of the different worlds you can get into not because it’s becoming popular.
So back to the purple hair. Not feeling like myself has made me a very sad person. It’s hard to be happy when I am worried about what other people think. I did only dye half of my hair because my husband sees me everyday and I want him to still admire the red I have left. He is just happy I’m happy. The other reason is because I can still be a Catholic homeschool mom of six who loves gaming. I can still be who I am with purple hair. It is more me than I have felt in years. I can still love to read and take care of my kids. I can still be a good mom and wife. My hair doesn’t change who I am it just makes me feel more like myself.

So now I’m the Catholic homeschool mom of six with purple hair who loves gaming. I’m happier and that makes my family happier. The point of this is to say be yourself. Dress the way that makes you happy with respect to your body. Dye your hair whatever ever color you want. Pierce your ears and wear lots of jewelry. Or don’t. Being happy with who you are leads to being happy in so many aspects of life. I’m happier in my marriage because my husband excepts that I like zombies and miss South Dakota. Be Yourself!




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