So if you are really worried about spoilers you should not continue reading. In order to fully explain my thoughts on the movie I will have to talk about it. I will do my best not to tell you the whole movie or go into too many specifics.
I liked this movie for the most part. The kids laughed hysterically when seeing the sloths and thought the fox was pretty funny. (No, I don’t remember the characters names. I’m too busy trying to remember my own as well as the 6 kiddos that live in my house) I honestly didn’t get the funny but I could just blame my thyroid. The movie runs about 2 hours. I will say this, Baby Kermit and Pooh were both kinda bored after 1 hour. They were ready to go do something else. They normally sit pretty well during a movie so my guess is something about this one just didn’t appeal to them.

Here’s why I didn’t love the movie. I thought it was gonna be another happy movie about how the animals live together, predator and prey. Nope. There are scary parts in the movie where one animal is attacking another. They obviously made it scarier than you would think or I wouldn’t even mention it. It makes the nice,happy, friendly animals become vicious animals attacking other animals. No eating happens just scratching but still dark in my opinion. One of the good characters ends up being a bad guy which I really just can’t stand. Look kids even the good guys a bad guy and we have no clue who to trust. I’m not saying that doesn’t happen in real life but this is a movie about animals walking on 2 feet and talking.

The other being there is a lot of talking in this movie. They go into a lot of seemingly boring things to kids or the obvious they don’t understand what’s really going on. The fox has a hard life so he tells his story again so pretty serious stuff. I’m sure there’s another way to get some of the content across without boring kids with a lot of talk.

I did like the ending a lot. Showing that enemies in the wild could become friends and partners. You don’t have to fit the stereotype , I think is more what it was trying to get at.

I think my kids liked it as much as they could. What I mean is I haven’t heard them talking about the movie since we asked them at dinner that night what they liked about it. They are not asking about sequels or buying the movie. They quickly moved on. This is not to say that all kids won’t be enamored by it just that my 6 were not.

So there it is my thoughts on Zootopia. I think it would have done really well as a tv show. But that’s just me. If your kiddos had a different experience, please feel free to comment below. Have a great week!


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