Survive: Escape from Atlantis is a remake of Survive: A Sea Full of Danger and Oceans of Fun! They are pretty much the same game with a change in the quality of pieces and some changes in the rules. But for the most part game play is the same. It’s game another great family game. The suggested age is 8 but I will say that Duke (6) and Bubbles (7) do really well. The basic board plays 2-4 players but with the expansion you can have up to 6 players. There are a few other expansions I would like to get that include a Giant Squid and Dolphins. I’m excited to see what they will add to the game. This game is easy to teach to a new player and it’s lots of fun to play.

So the basics of the game are that you are on an island that is slowly disappearing. You can either swim or take a boat to one of the 4 surrounding islands.Sounds easy enough right? Wrong. You also have to worry about sharks, whales, and Loch Ness monsters. So while you’re swimming to rescue you have to worry about being killed by a shark or Nessie. Boats aren’t safe either, whales can easily destroy them and leave you to the sharks or Nessie.
The game ends when someone flips over the volcano card which destroys what’s left of the island. And the player with the most points from their survivors wins. A friend recently made the suggestion that we could use the Settlers of Catan game board to make the game last a little longer with 6 players. I will add my thoughts on that after we have a chance to try it out.
I hope you have been enjoying my monthly board game posts. If you have any recommendations for a board game please comment below. Happy board gaming!!


5 thoughts on “Survive

  1. Great post about the game! I would love a full on review ala Moose’s review of Posthuman. Have you tried the Catan variant?I was thinking if you could find a cheap Catan at a yardsale or Goodwill, you could cannibalize it, including gluing multiple tiles together to make them higher, like in this game.


    1. Thanks. George chose to do a review of Posthuman because there are very few reviews. Majority of the games we have recently purchased have been reviewed over and over. My idea behind talking about each game is to open people’s eyes to a new type of game and the educational or fun aspects of it. As for the Catan variant, no we haven’t’ tried it yet. I do hope to go Thrift Shop Hopping to see what we can find in the near future.


      1. I am just a Moose fan, and I a waiting for him to start doing game review videos 🙂 If I was electronics smart, I would also try to put sound chips in the tiles (shark plays “Jaws” theme, whale is some one shouting “Thar she blow’s”, volcano is the sound of a volcano, and the sea serpent would be the Godzilla roar.


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