I can be a gamer and love Jesus

After two or three years, I rekindled my love for board gaming and video gaming. I have really enjoyed buying and playing some amazing new board games. By board games, I do not mean Operation, Sorry, Life, or Don’t Wake Daddy. I’m talking about Carcassone, Pandemic, Sushi Go, 7 Wonders, and Survive. My top two favorites being Last Night on Earth and Dead of Winter. Yes, I have a gamer history. I remember playing many games on our Atari, Sonic on Sega, MediEvil on PS1, Kingdom Hearts on PS2, and Splatoon on Wii U. To be honest I prefer PC games like Longest Journey, Left 4 Dead, Bioshock, Minecraft, Worms, Roller Coaster or Zoo Tycoon. I’m super excited to play Cook, Serve, Delicious. I have also found some video games that fit my little to no jumping style of gaming. I am currently playing Torchlight. It’s a battle heavy game with some kewl aspects. I’m really loving my pet cat, Fergus. I will be playing The Whispered World & Torchlight II in the future.

Yes, I have read the studies and heard about how violent video games can affect people. I recently watched this video about how media affects us. My favorite part was that he points out that things affect people differently.(Need a laugh? check out this video too.)

Believe it or not through gaming I spend more time with my family. I Skype with my sister-in-law and play Minecraft some days. While other days the kids and I enjoy learning through games. If I had a choice, I’d rather play Mice&Mystics as a family than watch a movie.

My hobby of playing video or board games hasn’t affected what I believe. I believe in following the 10 commandments and going to church on Sunday. The kids and I start our mornings praying the Rosary and in the afternoon pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I do my best to be kind and help others. I know that the key to loving Jesus and enjoying gaming is moderation. I know when to stop and say no and make time for Jesus. I am a gamer and love Jesus.

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