We were finally able to get out of the house after the temperatures going up and down and colds. I am always a little annoyed when my initial plans don’t work out but I was glad we were getting out of DC. On my top things to do has been to go visit Monticello, the home of my favorite president. Thomas Jefferson has been my favorite president since about 8th grade. I had to write a paper about the Library of Congress (boring. The most interesting fact was that after the collection of books were burned Thomas Jefferson donated alot of books from his personal collection. It’s hard for me not to be fond of a man who takes books/reading and education seriously.

Baby Kermit hates sitting in the car for more than an hour. So we made a quick stop at the commissary. I grabbed. Lunchables and drinks for everyone. It made lunch really easy and helped Baby Kermit tolerate being in the car. The in flight movie was Brave. The kids were excited to watch it in the name of research. We were learning about Scotland and this was the only movie we could think of. We also listened to Rush Revere????. We were on the chapter that was talking about The Declaration of Independence. It’s kewl how it lined up to where we were going.
We arrived just in time to take a quick look at the front of the house before starting our tour. The tour was amazing. We had a great guide who did an awesome job of getting the kids involved. There is an interesting story about each room. Jem’s favorite room was the library. I chuckled a little because the guide told the story about Thomas Jefferson donating the books. I was also amused by the brief talk of homeschooling. At some point the guide pointed to some paintings and I was a proud mama listening to the older girls answer.

After our very informative tour we walked through the bottom of the house. There’s some hands on stuff as well as areas for wine storage, etc and the kitchen. The kids just loved that they could touch whatever. They also had the opportunity to do alot of running around the grounds. It was nice to let the kids run around and enjoy nature.

We visited the cemetery on our way down the little mountain. It was a good walk through the woods. I think I can understand why Thomas Jefferson loved it there so much. I could have spent the entire day just walking around. We made our way down the mountain to the Griffin Discovery Room. The Griffin Discovery Room is a hands on area for kids as well as curious adults. The kids can sit in a replica bed like Thomas Jefferson’s. They can cook like the slaves, build, and try to crack a code. It really was a neat little area for kids. They also have a cafe as well as a very large gift shop. I picked up some postcards and History themed BrainQuiz cards. The kids started to get hungry some we grabbed a quick snack and headed down the road.


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