Scouting for Bricks,VA

One day I was using Facebook Event search to find volunteer opportunities and upcoming family activities. I came across Scouting for Bricks and thought this should be a fun time. Its not Brickfair or whatever but close enough for me. My kids love Lego’s so it really was a no brainer.
The Scouting for Bricks event takes place in Leesburg, VA at a local high school. Leesburg is about an hour from DC so we left right after Religious Education. Thankfully that morning there happened to be a pancake breakfast hosted by the Knights of Columbus. Full tummies make for happier passengers.
The cost for admission is $5 per person (3& under free) which for our family is cheap. The event is well laid out in the high school. In the first gym we saw some very interesting builds. One of the guys was nice enough to show us different parts of his build. He was also kind enough to answer the kids question about how a Lego train worked. There was an area in the center of the gym were machines were used to move marbles. The kids could have spent hours watching each machine do its part.
We walk through a hallway into the next gym. There are Lego builds, Lego merchandise to purchase and Storm Troopers. We walked around looking at different builds. The builders were very enthusiastic to talk about how their build worked. We made our way slowly around the room. Pooh and Baby Kermit became very curious about the Storm Troopers. We stop to let them admire and say hello. We hear music and an announcement then here comes Darth Vader. The boys were really trying to figure out who this guy was. The crowd of kids grew and we tried our best to drag the boys away.

We walked around a little bit longer before finding the cafeteria. There you could by food, snacks and drinks. On the other side of the room they have a play area for kids. There are kiddie pools full of different types/sizes of Lego’s. There are groups of kids surrounding each pool happily building. I’m thinking why didn’t I think of this. While the kids played I found a small used book sale in the middle of the room. I’m a sucker for books. I am proudly raising my own brunch of book lovers. I found a third grade handwriting book, a small chapter book for Duke and a book about Saint Issac Jogues. Two dollars for five books is a deal.

The kids played for a while before we decided to walk back through for a second look. You could spend a couple hours walking around and looking at every build and every bit of Lego merchandise. We spent 2-3 hours explore before everyone started to get hungry plus Pooh and Baby Kermit were getting tired.We headed down the road to Red, Hot, & Blue, BBQ restaurant. It was an odd time to eat but it worked out great. We had a delicious meal and were on our way back to the city.

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