Dead of Winter

I  can’t believe I saw my first zombie only 6 months ago. No one could imagine the zombie apocalypse would become our everyday lives. It’s no longer funny but truly sad. We have lost over 30 people now. Thankfully few of those have been to frost bite. Our searches for anything useful has become harder as the temperatures have grown colder. I really don’t know how we will survive of the rest of winter. Supplies are scarce and more survivors show up everyday. Yesterday, I shared a can of beans with a stranger and it felt normal. I’m praying that help comes soon.


Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game

Theme: zombie apocalypse

Ages: 12 & up

Game time: 1hr-1 1/2 hrs

Players: 2-5 (better with more than 2 players)

Expansion: The Long Night

Game play: At the beginning of the game everyone randomly chooses a secret objective card. This card will help you to solo win the game or sabotage the whole game. My husband is known to frequently be the betrayer. The last time we played I choose the betrayal card. It was hard keeping a straight face. I didn’t complete my betrayal objectives but I did manage to get Pippi exiled from our colony. Then we each choose our survivors. The best player in the game is suppose to be the Mayor. That is not the case for us. No matter who or when the card is acquired, the Mayor dies by zombie bite. The number of survivors is determined by how many people are playing. There is a good variety of characters and abilities. Each turn plays like this, somebody draws a crossroads card, the lead player flips over the top crisis card, and we go around using our dice to do actions. The crossroad cards trigger different events depending on which survivors you have as well as other scenarios. The crisis card are group objective you must meet or bad things happen such as not collecting enough fuel and losing 1 morale. If you get to 0 morale the game is over. There are free actions and those that count dice. Free actions include: adding food to the food supply, adding cards to a alleviate the crisis, moving from one building to another as long as you have fuel or roll for exposure, vote to exile a survivor or swap or trade cards. In order to complete the following actions you must have a good dice roll or a really good character: attack (kill zombies), search (find those supplies before we run out), put up barricades(keep zombies out), clean waste(take out the trash 3 at a time), and attract zombies (invite zombies to your party). There is a lot more to this game but I’ll let it be a surprise. Just in case you struggle with how to play or are more a visual person check out this videos that will teach you everything you need to know. Happy Gaming!


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