Colonial Williamsburg, VA

Friday afternoon we drove up to Richmond, VA to pick up Grandpa on our way to Cheatham Annex where we would be spending a few nights. We did hit traffic here and there but nothing we aren’t use to. We arrived at our cabin late. The kids ran around the cabin seeing as how it was really wet outside. It’s always fun to run around a new place at least 100 times. Once the kids all calmed down we were all able to settle down and get some sleep before our big day the next day.

The kids had no real idea of where we were going. I think they tend to appreciate our field trips a little bit more if we don’t tell them. Our first few moments at Colonial Williamsburg were spent rushing to put on ponchos in the pouring rain. We marched through what seemed like a flood all the way to the visitor center. We were all drenched by time we made it inside. I was glad I had planned ahead making sure we all had ponchos and the kids all had rain boots. Once inside we checked in. My hubby is a start man and made sure to preorder our tickets at ITT (Information, Tickets, and Tours). We walked out of the other side of the visitor center to meet the shuttle bus. My kids really seem to love all forms of transportation. The shuttle bus wasn’t any less amazing to them. If you are planning a trip make sure to take a good look at the shuttle routes. It will save you time and walking. We made our way slowly up and down the street stopping to see the magazine, courthouse, shoe makers shop and a few more. The kids were starting to get hungry as we only had a light breakfast. We decided to eat at Shields Tavern.

It was an interesting meal. The kids either had mac and cheese, or chicken strips. Jem and I had Fried Chicken. Grandpa and George had Carolina Style BBQ sandwich. The food was really good but there never seems to be enough when we eat at those sorts of places. Even Pippi has been known to eat alot from time to time. Anyways,while we were eating a fortune teller arrived. She said she could tell your fortune by what you had on your plate. I think she read 4 of the 6 kids plates. Pooh got a real kick out of everything she said. Faith’s fortune was that she missed and loved Shelly, our cat.Duke’s fortune was about lobsters because at that point in time he was carrying around 2 stuffed lobsters and 1 plastic lobster.  I would have to say Bubbles got the best fortune. She is going to create broccoli and liver ice cream and make lots of money.  We all got a good laugh out of it. Bubbles our pickiest eater is gonna invent an ice cream with broccoli and liver is still funny.

After lunch we did our best to see as much as we could. It was somewhat of a slow walk because Pooh insisted on jumping in as many puddles as he could. Yes, Baby Kermit started copying Pooh at some point and then the walk was even slower. The three places we made sure not to miss were the Governor’s Palace,the Church, and The Capitol. I think the Governor’s Palace was the favorite among everyone.I won’t give too much away but there are weapons hanging on the walls. It was art and functional. I would suggest you take more than a day to explore Colonial Williamsburg. We really did not see nearly half of everything there is to see. At some point we knew it was time to head back to the car. The kids were complaining about there feet hurting plus George and I needed to get ready for our date.

Saturday night, We left Grandpa, Pippi and Jem in charge of the little ones. We had reservation at the Kings Arms Tavern for dinner. The Kings Arms Tavern was a restaurant Grandpa went to many years ago with a friend when he visited Colonial Williamsburg for the first time. He insisted we have a dinner date where he had always wished to take Grandma. It has to be something special for us to make arrangements for a date so this was a treat. If you have never been to a colonial restaurant for dinner, you should. It’s a fun experience. We got to eat in a barely lit room. Who doesn’t want to eat in the dark? The waiter brought us some bread as well as some relishes. George tasted each one while I thought I was brave enough just to try the watermelon rind. It tasted like bread & butter pickles. Not one of my favorites, I prefer dill pickles. The funniest of our We chatted a little before our soup came out. Peanut butter soup is interesting. It tastes like a peanut butter sandwich minus the jelly. It’s really creamy. I tried to see if I could figure out what’s in it but remain perplexed. I wish I could say it was really romantic but it wasn’t. People were talking pretty loud. George could barely hear me most of the time. A few times we could kinda hear and see violins playing which was nice. I had Beef Tenderloin with potatoes and green beans. As my entree while George has Hunter’s Game Pye. The food was delicious. It was nice to treat ourselves to a nice meal together. After 12 years of marriage I think we deserve to get out and celebrate that.
The next morning I spent time packing everything up to put back in the car. We had a wonderful weekend despite the rain. We left Cheatham Annex and headed towards St. Be de Catholic Church. It had recently been rebuilt. The inside was beautiful. My favorite part of going to a new church is seeing the architecture, statues, and the choir. (I do love music) The main focus of the church is a massive (Georges word) crucifix near the altar. I’ll be honest in saying I spent most of Mass staring at it. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was a nice Mass in a beautiful church. After about and an hour drive we met up with George’s Aunt and Uncle and granddaughter. We decided to grab lunch before heading off in opposite directions. We decided to eat at a local diner. The kids were all very excited to eat at Paradise Diner. Any chance they can eat breakfast they are happy eaters. They also enjoyed having a cousin around. They played and ate until it was time for the long drive home. It’s our least favorite part of a trip. We really enjoy being outdoors and away from the city. Plus people are alot kinder. All in all I would have to say it was a very fun and successful trip.

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