Carolina Raptor Center and more,NC

Our weekend just isn’t complete without going to Mass. So we got up a little earlier than normal to eat a lite breakfast and get ready. In my research I found the mother church of the Diocese of Charlotte. My family tends to favor a few Saints and St. Patrick is one of them. The cathedral was beautiful inside and out. The kids were oohing and ahhing the whole time. The Cathedral of St. Patrick was a great example of all the details Catholics love in a church. The Mass was beautiful as well with 2 priests, altar boys and incense. It is  a church I would visit again.

We had a little while before lunch and decided to stop by a local playground. The plus sides to a good park/playground are restrooms, shade, and equipment for all ages. Hornets Nest Park had all of these. It also has a Carolina Panthers Challenge Course. The kids ran around and tried each part of the course to become a Carolina Panther football player. The kids had a blast trying out each set of playground equipment before moving onto the next. When it was time to go the kids didn’t want to leave. It has been a while since we have been to a playground as nice and big as this one.

We weren’t quite sure where to eat lunch. On the way to the park we passed a very interesting looking restaurant with pigs out front. Yes, pigs. Not live pigs but statues. We decided to give it a try. It wasn’t a chain or fast food so why not. It was another great choose for the day. Bubba’s Barbecue was a fun and very welcoming. The pictures on the walls were a collection of local attractions. comics about eating at Bubba’s and pictures of customers supporting Bubba’s all over the world. It was amazing to see the pictures from all of the U.S. as well as other countries like India and even a picture from Paris. The menu is composed of traditional North Carolina barbecue options. You can read George’s full review here.

After lunch we were finally onto the big event for the day. A trip to the Carolina Raptor Center   was just what we needed. I’m not the biggest fan of birds but I knew there was shade and that the kids would enjoy it. If that wasn’t enough admission prices were really good too. We met up with Kevin and his family to enjoy all the fun the Raptor Center had to offer. There were all types all birds from a huge Vultures to cute little owls. There was even an area for the kids to try their hand out drawing their own owl. The kids ran around and looked at the birds and enjoyed nature. My favorite way to do things.After spending a couple hours looking at birds and running around George treated everyone to ice cream. That’s 10 kids and 4 adults enjoying a sweet treat.

We also made a trip to Latta Plantation Nature Center. It has a good number of tanks with turtles, snakes and other creatures. The kids walked around in a circle and looked at everything twice. They also checked out everything in the small gift shop. It was a quick stop for everyone. We were all just ready to get back to the hotel and hang out in the pool and a/c for a while.



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