Putt-putt and Good bye Charlotte,NC

We started our morning in a rush to get the room cleaned and packed before heading to our last place of fun before saying good bye to our dear friends. I was up early so I tried to get as much done as I could before waking up the kids to help. My least favorite thing to deal with after the fact are swimsuits. There is no good way to store them when traveling. We are also sticklers for breakfast when staying at a hotel that offers continental breakfast.  It’s included in your bill why not take advantage of it. Plus the kids love breakfast.

After breakfast and checkout we headed over to Adventure Landing. It’s one of those places with an arcade, putt-putt, and other fun stuff to do. We spent at least an hour or so playing games at the arcade. It is cheap entertainment and free games are a plus. Baby Kermit got like 4-5 free games on some race car game. He was pretty bored by the last race. The girls of course cared more about winning tickets than enjoying the games. They rushed to play big ticket games. They were able to cash in their tickets for a cute bunch of little prizes. It was a great way to waste a little time while we were waiting for Kevin and Crystal and their kiddos.

Then we made our best effort to do putt-putt outside with minimal shade with 10 kids. It didn’t go as planned but the kids had fun. George did his best to keep Pooh and Baby Kermit on track for the most part. All the girls just had fun seeing if they could get the ball in on the first try. The boys were less amused by putt-putt. At one point I served as an obstacle for Kevin to see if he could handle the extra pressure and stress. He couldn’t. lol It was short lived fun. The kids were at least happy to be able to spend time together. The time to say good bye was too soon. We took a few group pictures and started the hug circle. Yes, hug circle. The kids started hugging everyone and then they just kept going around hugging until I had to tell them it was enough. It was really great to see Kevin, Crystal , and the kiddos. This get together was in case we moved further away soon. I hope we can get together again soon. I really miss spending time with my Best Friend.

We spent another 30 minutes or so before leaving. I tried to stay calm as the girls drove go-carts for the first time. We enjoyed the bumper boats as a family, 2 to a boat of course, and the little ones took their turns on the small fair rides. We were all getting a little cranky and hot so it was time to go. It was time to leave Charlotte and start our journey to The Outer Banks.



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