Some days…..

Some days it’s hard just to get out of bed.


It’s hard to remember what’s good about this thing we call life. Sometimes we just want to walk through it in a fog. What if you don’t have a choice? What if you are constantly living in a fog and all you want is for it to clear? All you want is to be able to do the things most people seem to do and enjoy with ease. Walking through life in what feels like a perpetual fog is far from desirable. You can’t quite grasp what is really happening around you. On those rare occasions when the fog seems to clear you search for answers and anything resembling the person you thought you once were. Imagine trying your hardest to enjoy the wonderful things that life has to offer and still feeling like you are watching it from another room. This life can’t be mine. I never thought I would make it here. How did I get here? How did I survive life enough to keep going? Why do I keep surviving?

When I started thinking about writing this weeks blog. I had found that the ever hated fog had found its way back to my brain. That’s when I decided I should just write. Just let the words flow wherever they wanted to go. I have had so many big plans for the blog only to find myself caught in another fog. I started this blog for alot of reasons and I think I have stayed true to my word. It is a virtual scrapbook for my kids. It’s so that one day they can look back and read and remember those moments that sometimes pictures can’t fully capture. It is also a fun way to share our lives with friends and family no matter where they are. They can easily keep track of how the kids are doing without me sending out individual emails or making who knows how many phones calls or letters. I also wanted this to be a place where I can share the knowledge that I have accumulated in my 32 years. It doesn’t sound like alot but when your mind is foggy you really want to make sure you write it all down. I’m not saying I’m super smart or anything. My perspective on life isn’t the norm. I’m saying that the knowledge that I have should be shared. My kiddos, family, friends and even strangers deserve their chance to get to know and see what we have done with our lemons or cucumbers. I don’t think pickle lemonade is a thing but maybe we will find out. I will do my best to keep sharing great fun, love, and knowledge because that’s what matters.

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